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What is the maximum distance you have gotten with no ubgrades


Jul 29, 2018
just wondering. I would like to get 2 miles out of her even though I wouldn’t do it. I built a food truck out of a school bus but have 0 confidence when it comes to something like adding range extender.
just wondering. I would like to get 2 miles out of her even though I wouldn’t do it. I built a food truck out of a school bus but have 0 confidence when it comes to something like adding range extender.
You can check out the leaderboard for stock and modded range.
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Around 7500 feet, can't say exactly but I've done it a few times. I most definitely had LOS for the runs though. Anything in between the drone and the controller, the range drops fairly significantly.
I have taken my pro out to 18000 feet all stock . By the time I got back with 36000 clocked my battery was very low . I don’t know how people are getting numbers a 1/3 farther with stock drones
Personally I don’t see the attraction of pushing the max distance. There’s plenty to photograph and see keeping it within line of sight.
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I got out about almost 2800 ft and was sweating. :eek:

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You’re just getting warmed up!! Find the perfect environment with no WiFi, flat land for Distance LOS & let her rip!

I hit a mile and was sweating, then went out and hit 2.77. A 15-17 min flight will get you sweating when the low battery alarm is screaming, LOL
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I haven’t gone long distances away from the rc but flying vlos my best flight was 36k or 38k feet. I fly entire batteries often, doing large (1mile) circles over my “playground” which is just a giant field. Sports mode with little wind, about 10% battery remaining. I pretty consistently get about 3k feet less distance in p mode with oa turned on.

If there is much wind at all it’s tough to get 30k feet out of a battery.
The furthest I have dared to fly is a little under 2 KM in a mostly urban area with a spotter, and I still had maximum signal bars. Extremely impressed with the Air in that regard. 99% of my flights where I am actually capturing usable footage are within 100-200m.

I don't really see the appeal of distance tests, we already know the maximum distance from other people's tests and DJI's own specification, and there is a much higher chance of losing the drone or damaging a battery running it to zero.

It's also impossible to fly anywhere near maximum distance legally unless you have a spotter with a spotting scope or similar. We have enough people giving us drone owners a bad name, we don't need more :)
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I agree that long distance flying don’t need to be done around urban places . Where I do my flying is in remote spots . I am not even in a place that has cell service . If my drone falls out of the sky it will crash in a cutblocks or fall into the forest . There is not a person to get upset from noise within 30 miles . If I had to fly only within 200 yards I would get bored very fast , like about in 4 minutes . Lol
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After playing around with the idea of buying a modified antenna, then researching the antennas available for the Mavic Air, deciding on Titan Control 2.4 against 4hawks SR, having an awful experience with the Titan Control, not being able to return the panel ($129 + shipping wasted), using the Titan "Whip Dual Band Antennas," ($39 + shipping), testing them and finding out they ALSO suck, I went back to Stock and usually get 2,200 meters (with $8 parabolic extenders, on 5.8) before video breakup. I have no idea why DJI's antennas outperform all the other things I've tried, but I have to say they are definitely better than regular antennas, especially for their size.

So after dumping $178 in the bin on the Titan System, I am back to stock and thinking of buying a 4hawks (but I am scared I will be left with another worthless product in my hands if it does not work well for me). Titan support did offer to make a discount on their boosted panel, but I am not confident in the quality of their products after my experience with their entry level system (Control 2.4). I actually got 30-50% WORSE results than stock on all my tests with the Titan Control 2.4.

Stock 5.8 with parabolic extenders = 2,280 meters (6,800 feet) in Capital City with high rise buildings and extreme interference on 2.4 (thankfully 5.8 routers have not become mainstream down here atm). My goal is 4km, but I am nowhere near it yet.

~2KM for me. Keep in mind most places require you to have a dedicated spotter if you fly out of line of sight.
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I live in a fairly suburban area and I flew my MP a little over 10,000 feet away. Never disconnected, at the very end video was laggy. I'm very impressed that I had full control and didn't have to rely on RTH.
Just sold my spark to purchase this and when I would fly the spark in the same location usually around 2000-2800 ft out my video feed was pretty sketchy.
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