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WooHoo! UPS


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Oct 17, 2016
Sarnia ON Canada
UPS just dropped by! . . we'll take them both out for a spin and let you know.
Got to fly them both after a PILE of calibration . . Gimbals, IMUs, Compass, Collision Avoidance, not to mention joy sticks . .. Assistant 2 Collision Avoidance calibration did not actually work on Mac . loaded onto PC and worked fine. Mavic 2 Pro uses H265codec vs orig. Mavic uses H264 . . Don't really understand the nuances of either is these except 265 is 10bit . . .264 is 8 bit . .. maybe that's all there is to it . . which definitely does make a difference in the range of colour available. . . here's what you can do with a washed out scene "into the sun" type shot with that Hasselblad 1" camera CCD. . I would like to have seen what the old Mav would do on the same scene . . but I sold it yesterday. These are NEARLY identical scenes taken minutes apart one colourized and one not.
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Both machines performed beautifully and I was impressed by the workmanship . . as well as a ton of subtle new features . . like single gimbal stabilizer. . . or joysticks that stow away for packing in small spaces. They are both VERY well engineered in "form and fit" everything tight and smooth. . .even better than the original Mav and that was definitely a step above the competition already. They have a very solid FEEL. I was surprised at the extra "air Time" . . kept waiting for the battery low warning even though I'd been flying more than 20min already still have 10 min left. Great for getting home. I may not understand tripod mode switch on the side but it seemed to do nothing. I expected it to fly very slow and smooth but seemed to have no effect. SPORT mode is quite a racer.

I tested the Collision Avoidance (front back and side) very accurate . . if it is going to miss you it will not stop and you need to be aware of that so as not to scare yourself or others. Made a couple of direct passes it myself and it stopped when low enough to hit my head but just 6inches above and it kept on coming . . whizzed by happily . . . I ducked!

I did not mess with the aperature yet . . need to learn more about that still. . . but The Optical Zoom and "one finger gimbal pan" was really nice and smooth too.

All in all a very successful and impressive first flight.
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