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    Video and Photo Settings -Screen Shots

    I’m not sure any settings would have helped in this situation. To me it looks like the shot was directly into or towards the sun and the camera is catching flare. Backlit shots are notorious for this. Using a sun shade and boosting ISO to expose for shadows might help, but boosting ISO will blow...
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    For those who use the mavic pro commercially?

    As of late, I have been playing around with some settings. For images & video I use PolarPro ND/PL filters (usually ND16) - I switched over to the combo and have had very good results. My image settings are JPEG+RAW, 4:3 ratio and D-Cinelike for color, while video is shot at 1080 24fps in...
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    Ipad and Mavic Pro

    I am in a Verizon store right now about to buy that same iPad. I figure with my biz I have enough need for the cell version. Plus, Verizon has lowered that tablet $200 for the 128gb (probably until beginning of February is what sales guy says).
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    PLEASE CRITIQUE - First commercial job, new Culvers!

    Real Estate photos are my main source of income during the week (I shoot commercial, weddings, kids sports leagues and corporate events too). A majority of that 700 was residential, and of that, 5-7% was aerial stills/video. I have to look back at my numbers, but I think I might have done more...
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    PLEASE CRITIQUE - First commercial job, new Culvers!

    I think the very last one works. Using that same angle, I would have pulled back and lowered the altitude to just above the flag pole. Doing this allows me to crop and not have so much of a downward angle that could distort the building. There have been times where I have not used a drone and...
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    PLEASE CRITIQUE - First commercial job, new Culvers!

    Take this fwiw from someone who shot 700+ properties last year - real estate whether it be residential or commercial is about angles. This angle would have been one of 10-20 that I would have provided along with the other suggestions like coming down and being closer to the building/sign. I...
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    Home for the holidays last week...

    Got some quick shots for my reel. Other than using a PolarPro ND16-PL I didn't do any post.
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    Editing 4K Video - Computer? Software?

    I'm not a Mac user, but as long as the monitor is 4k, you should be fine. I upgraded my PC platform to handle 4k edits - I7, 16gb (really need 32gb), gtx 1070, LG 24" 4k monitor, 500ssd (added another 250). My issue other than needing more memory is storage, which I have about 12tb.
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    FAA seeking emergency action

    As a 107 license holder, It amazes me that if I had a full pilots license, I could file a flight plan from the tarmac & get almost instant approval. I could probably get clearance to take off then file a flight plan while airborn. The FAA's definition of near instantaneous is bravo sierra. My...
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    Anybody Remember Film?

    To think I went off to RIT back in the '80's with my Hassy in hand to pursue a degree in photography, and scoffed at the first digital camera (Nikon/Kodak consortium). In all seriousness, after having shot somewhere in the neighborhood of 750-800k digital images in the last 18-20 years, there...
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    Mavic makes me reconsider residential real estate clients...

    Having lived in NM (Santa Fe - Eldorado community), I feel your pain regarding making money in that state. Fortunately, I now live in a state (NC) with a population base in the Triangle that is a bit larger than all of NM. That being said, we have our fair share of cheap a$$ realtors. One thing...
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    For those who use the mavic pro commercially?

    Honestly, like you will be happy with the Mavic purchase. Just in August, I have shot 6 homes in subdivisions, 2 full subdivisions plus surrounding amenities, 1 18.5 acre horse farm, 1 120 acre horse farm (see images), and have three more properties to shoot by Thursday. The Mavic has delivered...
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    For those who use the mavic pro commercially?

    That's great that you have an Inspire, but do you know enough how to use it without drawing attention to yourself in a neighborhood? For me, that is one of the main advantages that the Mavic has over the Inspire. You are also underestimating the average real estate agent, because they really...
  14. 360iViews

    For those who use the mavic pro commercially?

    Works perfectly for my needs! In recent years I have flown a Blade 350, Phantom 2, Yuneec Q500+, 3Dr Solo and the MaVic. The Mavic is by the best out of all of them. I really don't have to do much in terms of color correction & lens correction when I shoot stills or video for real estate. I...
  15. 360iViews

    Testing film profile

    That works. Nice smooth flight & pan too.