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Recent content by Bellerophon

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    Mavic Mini - Uncommanded Descents

    I experienced the exact flight anomalies others have reported, controllability, uncommanded descent etc. I replaced to rear props and my Mini is back to it's old precise flying self again. My suspicion is that I had stored my Mini in the fly-more case with the props folded incorrectly, and...
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    Can't Get Osmo Pocket to Update Firmware-Help?

    Same issue here. I am using an iPhone XS. As soon as I switched to Network rather than WiFi, it worked?
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    Example of Wildlife Harassment

    I have a good friend that works for the Peregrine Fund, World Center for Birds of Prey. I asked him about flying in areas with a lot of birds of prey. He tells me that they are considering using drones to check nests for eggs and chicks. They feel it's much safer and easier than rappelling...
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    Why am I reading about lots of people having lots of problems with Mavic drones?

    I'm not sure what your issue is, but I can say that I fly my Mavic 2 Zoom in areas without cell service all the time.
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    Why am I reading about lots of people having lots of problems with Mavic drones?

    Ha! We're all pretty defensive about our Mavics. As others have said, no issues with any Mavics of mine. They are amazing flying cameras.
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    Lost connection posts

    I have been flying DJI drones for some time now. My first was a Phantom 3 Standard, then a Mavic Pro, a Mavic Air, and now I fly a Mavic 2 Zoom. In all of that time I have never lost connection with the drones. I never flew the Phantom very far, so no worries there. Even with the WiFi that...
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    Shipped Orders

    One of the features of DJI Select is that it is supposed to prioritize your order. I ordered my Mavic 2 as soon as I saw it available in the DJI store. I subsequently received a shipped notification within a few hours. Additionally, DJI Select gave me a 50% reduction in the cost of DJI...
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    I bought one, did you?

    I ordered a Flame Red one on the 23rd. It does not show as shipped yet. I'm in no hurry, the Mavic Pro is still in the drone stable.