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Recent content by Blakey01

  1. Blakey01

    Carrying payload?

    I built a quick release for the mavic pro, link to pics below. you could adjust the size to suit. It works really well. Regards
  2. Blakey01

    Eagles trained to attack rogue drones in Canada!

    1st April 2017 - Sucked in!
  3. Blakey01

    Wedge Tail Eagle

    I could see something in the house paddock that I thought was an injured kangaroo. I sent the Mavic to investigate and it was a beautiful Australian wedge tail eagle devouring a small roo. Australian wedge tail eagle
  4. Blakey01

    DJI: ADS-B on all over 250g...then what’s with a MA2 without it???

    In Australia, only IFR aircraft are mandated to fit ADSB. The majority of the VFR aircraft in our local flying school, aeroclub and on the field do not have ADSB. If the drone only has ADSB "in" the drone operator may see a few aircraft when operating near a major airport but at country...
  5. Blakey01

    Quick Release for fishing or isolation deliveries.

    I should have checked this forum first for ideas but I went and built my own quick release system. My concept does not require any servos or electronics and can be flown for several kilometres. I tested this on my farm. I can drop very accurately using the camera for targeting. The idea is that...
  6. Blakey01

    Unsafe (?) high speed flight through a river canyon.

    Hi Bumper, That is great footage but very risky. Low flying regulations are much stricter in Australia. That flight would be highly illegal in OZ with a minimum of 500 feet AGL required unless spraying or surveying etc..
  7. Blakey01

    Camera view unreliable on SC

    Occasionally when I start the smart controller and connect the drone there is no camera view. The screen displays all the normal data around the edges but the camera's view is black. If I turn off the SC and start again it is restored OK. Does anyone else have this issue?
  8. Blakey01

    Near Miss - Drone on mining work VS Aircraft crop dusting 2013.

    Even when you do everything right, there is still a risk. PDF near-miss investigation report attached.
  9. Blakey01

    Who uses a radio to monitor air traffic while flying their quadcopter and why?

    It may also be worth mentioning for those interested, that radar is a line of sight only technology and its operation is obscured by terrain. At our country airport in Victoria we do not get a radar return "paint" on our transponders until around 1000 feet. Australia, unlike the US, has very...
  10. Blakey01

    Who uses a radio to monitor air traffic while flying their quadcopter and why?

    Flight Radar 24 only sees aircraft with ADS-B a relatively new technology that is included in most larger and commercial aircraft. ADS-B is not fitted to any of the training aircraft at our country flying school or local gliders or most ultralights etc. You are definitely not seeing the whole...
  11. Blakey01

    Australia brush fires

    Still plenty of active fire towers in VIC. Satellite data is a great tool but, at best its 30 minutes to an hour old before its published. It also requires a large energy signature to be identified as a high probability fire. Fire towers and...
  12. Blakey01

    Who uses a radio to monitor air traffic while flying their quadcopter and why?

    I can see that many drone operators in these forums do not have a good understanding of general aviation operations and flight law even with a REPL or drone licence. This is understandable if you have not completed general aviation pilot training as airspace can be very complex and flight law is...
  13. Blakey01

    Camera Image not on screen

    The same problem, I have started them both many times in all different orders and I have no camera in DJI Go4 but I have camera in Litchi?
  14. Blakey01

    Australia brush fires

    Small area? 10,000,000 hectares, 1/3 the size of England! 26 people dead, millions of stock and wildlife killed.1771 homes lost. There are still hundreds of fires out of control! Perth is a long way from the fires Bushie.
  15. Blakey01

    Preflight procedure list for flying indoors?

    I have been practising flying inside my farm shed and the Mavic 2 Pro is amazing, even without the GPS signal it is rock steady and a piece of cake to fly around within 1 meter of the structure. I used the DJI prop guards which offer side protection and I am designing a top guard to prevent any...