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Recent content by Crigstar

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    LAANC and Airmap

    It sounds like your flight plan covers the areas of two airports. Have you tried narrowing the area down to just one airport, and then submitting a second flight plan for the other area?
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    Did I make the right call..

    Right call, Class D Surface up to 2700’
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    Add Arkansas to the no fly list (All State Parks)

    It’s a jurisdiction thing. A state can’t make a law over airspace when the FAA controls it, but they can make laws about what you do on the ground.
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    Part 107 confusion ..........

    That's great news; do you mind posting the response? I'm curious if they put any time or distance limits in it.
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    Universal Travel Adapter

    I'd say it's safe but if you're not careful with the cords you'll find your batteries not charged if the cords come out. These days all of the devices I travel with are multi voltage, so I dont need a voltage converting device like this. It's probably the same for you, and a set of cheap plug...
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    Houston Areas to Fly that provide quality pictures??

    Yeah, Houston is a challenge. Herman Park in in Hobby Class B airspace so you can't fly there without permission, or if you are Part 107, a waiver or authorization.