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Recent content by HltnCarp

  1. HltnCarp

    Any one in Kingston?

    Was in Kingston yesterday. Did a tour of Queen's with daughter. Saw many great video opportunities along waterfront. Regret not sending Mavic up but weather wasn't great and was quite windy. Definitely going to make a return visit
  2. HltnCarp

    Electrical interference

    I and that problem once when I was visiting British Columbia. My mavic just started to fly away and couldnt control it with the remote. It flew about 200 m and then for some reason control came back. First and only scary moment I have had. I saw the large power lines across the street but...
  3. HltnCarp


    Gravenhurst? You should know we're this is. Lol
  4. HltnCarp

    Have you had a neighbor ask you to not fly over their property?

    If your not doing anything illegal or embarrassed about who cares about cameras. People got to lighten the **** up. Privacy is just the goto excuse. It's an annoyance to other people so just try and not annoy anyone
  5. HltnCarp

    Hanging Flume Dolores River CO

    Great video.
  6. HltnCarp

    Lake freighters on the Welland Canal

    Excellent job. Yes , facts about ships was a nice touch.
  7. HltnCarp

    Metro Vancouver BC Canada Pilots

    Traveling to Vancouver in 2 weeks. Recommendations?
  8. HltnCarp

    Age poll

  9. HltnCarp

    Can a Non OEM charger harm your controller ?

    I charge my controller with my phone charger in my truck all the time. Doesn't seem to harm it
  10. HltnCarp

    Orono Wind Turbines

    Took a drive out to fly around these. In process of editing a video so here's a teaser
  11. HltnCarp


    I totally agree with you. Both are in the wrong. Drone operator should have just moved on instead of staying and antagonizing the golfers. The golfer just needs to relax. He's on someone else's property and I believe his privacy is a non issue. (Within reason. Don't start replying some...
  12. HltnCarp

    New Mavic in Ajax ON

    Im in Brooklin. Find any good places to fly?
  13. HltnCarp

    Hi all from Ontario, Canada

    I'm surprised a courier is working today, being a Saturday and Canada Day. What a great country we live in. Enjoy, if I can fly the Mavic pro with little or no problems ,I'm sure you will have no problem