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Recent content by LazyBird

  1. LazyBird

    New leaked DJI Action cam. Will you buy one?

    Never had an action camera, never will probably so its, NO! I still have to do justice to my Osmo Pocket, which I really like despite its shortcomings (small sensor, low light problems, occasional heating issues, etc). It works perfectly with my iPad Mini 4 too. So what I invested in the tablet...
  2. LazyBird

    Guess the Drone

    As long as the drone was her own, who cares! :p
  3. LazyBird

    DJI Spring sale 2019?

  4. LazyBird

    DJI Spring sale 2019?

    DJI Mavic deals is also an option worth looking at. https://www.mavichelp.com/buy-dji-mavic/
  5. LazyBird

    Drones Without Borders

    Information online shows its perfectly legal to fly drones in Japan. But there are a lot of restrictions in the vicinity of cities/towns, airports, government installations, private properties, public parks, picnic spots, tourist attractions, anywhere that is going to attract people (cause that...
  6. LazyBird

    Darn Seagulls!

    Some interesting youtube videos of drones and animals. Worth watching.
  7. LazyBird

    Mavic Air Availability

    Occusync would definitely improve bonding and allay connectivity issues but without an improved battery flight time will more or less remain the same. Will Occusync being the better, time-tested and efficient system improve flight time, even by a minute or two? That would be great. Improving...
  8. LazyBird

    Mavic Air Availability

    If that is true, seems DJI may now be targeting both ends of the budget spectrums, the higher budget consumers (which they already have) as well as the more budget conscious lower end consumers. Not good for other competitors (and consumers in general).
  9. LazyBird

    If you could fly anywhere for a Day, where would it be?

    Anywhere away from people, cities, signal interference, no-fly zones... just pure, unspoilt nature and the unbridled freedom to fly.
  10. LazyBird

    Darn Seagulls!

    In case of that kind of eventuality, neither party's going to come out well. 😥
  11. LazyBird

    Darn Seagulls!

    I don't believe birds would actually attack the air craft. Never heard of any account of that happening. Its an instinctive reaction by some birds to a strange flying object within what birds consider their space or territory. I had a similar experience with pigeons in the not too distant past...
  12. LazyBird

    DJI smart controller; my opinion

    I have got the same message a few times while updating firmware using the RC and iPad Mini. I just update and it's been fine.
  13. LazyBird

    No change but now connection issues? Desperate for help!

    I am sure you'll overcome the connection problem with help from the forum. On a lighter note, how did you manage to not fly it for that long? :p
  14. LazyBird

    Motorcycle Video - what I learned

    Nice video, must have been challenging. Perhaps placing yourself mid-point between start and finish points could be a good strategy so you get a better chance to talk and coordinate with the rider when he reaches that mid-point.
  15. LazyBird

    Ireland Adventure Day 8: Dingle Loop and Ring of Kerry (Mavic Air + Osmo Pocket)

    Lovely footage, very well edited too. Was the Osmo Pocket hand-held in the car or do you use an accessory for it? I've recently developed an interest in the OP (plan to buy soon) and would like to use it to capture footage while driving but the accessories I've seen online just seem too clumsy...