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    New Mavic Pro Flyer - Eastvale (Inland Empire) / So.Cal.

    Frank - read my recent reply post - welcome - and let me know if you want to join in local.
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    New Mavic Pro Flyer - Eastvale (Inland Empire) / So.Cal.

    If you ever want to find your way out to my neck of the woods Eastvale/Norco/Corona - I have some really cool spots - I'm all about flying fun, finding aerial views hidden, but stay respectful to the areas and folks / homes that may be in the vicinity - There are a few places I have found that...
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    Flying at Night

    :) - where I fly at night - its a "ride-share" parking lot right next to a cornfield - open asphalt - freeway - shopping centers and neighborhoods nearby - so I have street lights I can use a reference in the night sky (camera) to navigate back home - I park next to a street lamp. Line of site...
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    Flying at Night

    Howdy Porto! - It does in fact work with IOS - the proof for me was in the ability to hit stupid distances I couldn't even get close to before flying in this interference rich suburbia neighborhood complete with shopping centers and freeways. It is immediately visible in all directions with the...
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    Flying at Night

    MrsTreat : I fly whenever I can, in fact its 11:46pm PST - and I just got back in from flying LOL Flying with the Goggles at nighttime is fan-freakin-tastic. Its disgustingly stunning the colors the camera is able to detect at night with the proper settings and the DJI goggles convey colors...
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    I'll throw into the pot here - as that is what a forum is all about - I will not lie - they are definitely not perfect - and DEFINITELY have room for progress and forward development. DJI Goggles definitely feel like almost prototype tech - kind of unfinished in many respects - v1 DEFINITELY...
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    Flying at Night

    I too experience this drifting - and fly almost every day - sooooooooooo addicted to flying. Nighttime actually quite a bit. I setup my DJI Goggles (and a pair of readers 2.75+ LOL to see the screen - dam DJI), Mavic Pro - a lawn chair, all 8 of my Intelligent flight batteries, and a nice cold...
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    New Mavic Pro Flyer - Eastvale (Inland Empire) / So.Cal.

    Extremely thankful that a resource like is available - and want to say hello. Many of the posts in this Forum were the reason I purchased the Mavic Pro - and the DJI Goggles. Its been a life changing experience for me - and that is not exaggerating. I came from the gas Nitro...
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    John's review of DJI Goggles with Mavic

    btw - JTUS - thank you for sharing that link this morning - I'm very interested in trying these. This forum is great!!!
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    Anyone else having video freezing issues with the goggles.

    With regards to freezing video in the Goggles - I have not experienced this other than when I'm dealing with expected radio interference which is normal when I am pushing for distance in populated urban area (buildings and wireless routers) I downgraded firmware o .700 on the Mavic - and have...
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    Poll: IOS or Android?

    iOS - iPhone 7 PLUS - >>> I personally dislike Apples closed eco-system mentality, overpriced and overhyped Mac business - but having experience with numerous glitchy Android devices - no longer able to run a single new App because of OS upgrade caps (effectively becoming table coaster bricks)...
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    Gettng Cold Feet - Is Hassling The Norm or the Exception?

    I had been lurking in this forum for two months researching. Today I finally signed up to be a member and this is my first post reply. Just a few weeks ago - I pulled the trigger on a Mavic Pro and DJI Goggles. My first TRUE drone setup - graduating and training on mini Eachine drones in the...