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Recent content by MavicBouvier

  1. MavicBouvier

    DJI Mavic Pro Help Cards in Visio and PDF formats

    Thank you for taking your time to come up with these cards. Very much appreciated.
  2. MavicBouvier

    Kp index

    Why would Hover and UAV Forecast show different kp index. Hover gives me a kp index of 1 and UAV forecast a kp index of 3 Would be interesting to know where they get their data.
  3. MavicBouvier

    Mavic 27min flight time is legit but....

    What was the outside temperature? Good job!
  4. MavicBouvier

    Neighbor Hates Drone Questions for You Guys and Gals?

    That's a very quiet drone you have.... loll
  5. MavicBouvier

    Is everyone upgrading to the Platinum props?

    My first instinct would be to buy a set but since I don't need them now, I'm just going to wait for the millions of reviews once they are made available and people try them.
  6. MavicBouvier

    DJI Mavic Pro Platinum (Just Released)

    I heard there coming out with a "Styrofoam deluxe edition " More lightweight It now floats, no more worrying over ware You can glue broken parts, no need to send to repair shop Longer range due to drifting Cheaper price!!! Look for it at your local store [emoji6]
  7. MavicBouvier

    Nfld Mavic Pilots

    Not me but have been a few times to St-John and you have many many places that would be awesome to film. Please consider posting links to some youtube video here. Happy and safe flying!!
  8. MavicBouvier

    Just bought a mavic, can't decide if I should keep it?

    Don't forget, a lot of people post about problems they have with their Mavic but there's even more people who enjoy flying their Mavic that don't have any issues at all. Drone on! [emoji1303]
  9. MavicBouvier

    Greetings/Bonjour from Montreal

    Have a phantom 2 vision + and now THE MAVIC! Omg what a difference. So much better. Bilingual pilot here. Nice being here, i see tons of ressources. Thank you, Merci!
  10. MavicBouvier

    Accosted and Vandalized

    Sorry about your loss, I would get legal advice from a lawyer and see if it's worth while to pursue. My devil instinct would be to buy a drop mechanism for the mavic and drop some turd on his car ....[emoji23]
  11. MavicBouvier

    Broken camera - worth to buy?

    You can take a look here. DJI Mavic Accessories & Tips - Mavic Help
  12. MavicBouvier

    Need: Left Front Leg

    You should find what you need here DJI Mavic Accessories & Tips - Mavic Help
  13. MavicBouvier

    Carbonfiber propellers

    Why in the first place would you change your propellers? Anything you are not satisfied with?
  14. MavicBouvier

    New Owner here

    This has to be the most pertinent list that every new owner should know about. I have been flying for a few years now (PH2) and I have bookmarked some pages. Many thanks to msinger for it.
  15. MavicBouvier

    Quick Range test with the goggles!

    Very nice, Thanks for sharing.