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Recent content by Paulman

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    Found!!! M2Z Sonoma Ca. Coast

    Great video Looks like a drone hook rescue only
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    How precise is your RTH?

    Only said 're calibrate. That was highlighted in red. Once done the mag inter warning ceased. Does it sometimes say move ? An earlier post said I should de magnetise...how is that done. I do suspect nearby large electric motors about 200m away.... likely ?
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    How precise is your RTH?

    Flew m2z this am from home and as usual came up with "magnetic inter " and 're calibrate compass' which made it happy and move from opti to gps and fly well.
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    How precise is your RTH?

    My m2z requests I recalibrate for 90% of all flights even when launching from my house most flights.
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    Controller Cable Swap

    Easy and better to use usb cable esp for samsung
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    Marital Troubles

    I can't see any drone so not sure why they should be any issue. I once complained about several pairs of shoes on the floor..but that was different...
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    My new Mavic 2 Pro will arrive Friday!

    First time... no dogs ...no children... no people within 100m..... Don't make it fly until it's ready ie full GPS mode Enjoy....
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    I need some help. Scared to fly again.

    I always put samsung to flight mode to stop it linking / responding to other inputs. Two flights this weekend went well with no disconnects. I still think iPhone works better...as my friends use when flying my msz.
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    I need some help. Scared to fly again.

    I use samsung s10+ with cable to usb port. I have about 20% flights do the disconnect and hover so I have been changing cables. Now had 4 flights with no issues. My m2z requests compass calibration every flight. I suspect the phone is the weak link bec when I use friends iPhone everything works...
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    Mavic 2 propeller guards

    I use guards on P3 with no issues. Have not tried guards on m2z
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    A little video from Africa

    Excellent skills there. Editing was so good
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    Help with intermittent signal loss!

    My M2Z has same issues. Which compared to p3 is a scary nuisance. ( p3 being non cable) I use a samsung S10 which also disconnects randomly from the car auto android. So I am trying a series of replacement cables to the usb. This disconnect did not happen with the S5 phone which had a...
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    Cracked landing gear

    That is a sad event. I have almost dropped mine a couple of times being smooth. The phantom was a lot easier to hang onto. If you change the arm where do the wires reconnect.... into motor?
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    Cracked landing gear

    Epoxy / araldite usually does not stick to plastic... so new arm is best... how did this break happen?
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    Tracking & beyond line of sight filming

    No mate.. I was making fun of his dated reference to fictitious characters