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Recent content by Paulman

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    Ok, I moved the gimbal left and right (very cool) but..

    Try it before flying do you can check it works... takes gimbal to full left right... So doubt it works if videoing
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    Ok, I moved the gimbal left and right (very cool) but..

    Reset the gimbal calibrate in menu
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    Flew into the lake...at 20MPH

    Great result
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    I filmed a Wedge Tail Eagle attacking my drone

    I had a swarm of bees chase my p3s last week. They kept up with it for several minutes until I went straight up and back. Looked strange with a black cloud about 2 m long trailing every move...so I didn't stop in case they overwhelmed it.
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    Missing data in log after connection loss

    Same for my m2z. The log goes to 41 metres then to 10m as the next entry with a jump of about 40 secs. So can I read what actually happened? Did RTH.
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    Flew into the lake...at 20MPH

    No loss it did RTH so no damage.... just frustrated by frequent disconnects.
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    Flew into the lake...at 20MPH

    Hope it fixes up ok. My m2z gave up connection over water this am but it did rth.
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    Compass calibration?

    Tried m2z at riverside today. Wanted a compass calibration so did that and got green okay to fly. Went to 30 m and took 2 pics. Then got remote controller signal weak. Then Remote controller error Then disconnecting Then disconnected blank screen and random attempts to restart By which time it...
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    New M2P user, probably answered here somewhere, but...

    A new battery will update when put in m2. I had to update mine twice because controller did not upgrade properly..all good now
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    firmware update

    Do it again says assistant 2 On my last update it looked ok on screen but didn't work or fly So i did it again which it completed quickly and then worked ... after compass recalibrate
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    Compass calibration?

    Every time m2z says mag interfere and then in red calibrate compass which I don't mind doing at all. Took my 3 year old p3s to same park and it said Your home point has been updated ... when turned on and then flew perfectly... If it means no flyaways then goodo
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    Flew into the lake...at 20MPH

    Great water shot... has gimbal recovered or been reset ok?
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    Why does obstacle avoidance stop the drone for no reason?

    I was doing a wedding at 20 m when OA flashed on... two crows were circling close as.... I moved away and they flew off.
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    **** this hobby gets expensive

    Have you flown it yet
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    M2 lost signal every flight and go RTG

    Today travelled 20ks away with m2z. Used usb cable to base with Samsung 8+. On start up remote said ..mag inter check app. Phone screen said go fly. So i went to go fly and screen worked then in red said Calibrate compass. So I did as directed the usual 360 spins. Then everything worked fine...