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  1. Punisher82


    Shoot s net and capture a moving I2 lol. Funny But let's say it was successful... Now an I2 falls to the ground causing massive damage to what it hits. So the better or person using the net the responsible party or the net maker? Can not be the drone pilot as they were violated as per FAA regs...
  2. Punisher82

    You can't fly your drone here

    My neighbor's hate drones and think every drone they see in the area is piloted by me Live less than 1.5 miles from 2 airports that helos depart and arrive at 300 or less. Your drone makes my dog bark. Buy a muzzle Your drone was following my kids home from school. I will tell my drone you...
  3. Punisher82

    Fluidity FT Aviator Feedback

    I got mine last month. I have done a flight with the following. Mavic Pro Mavic 2 Zoom Inspire 2 I have seen both of Kens reviews. Mine did not have the connection issue. Here is what I can say right now. Pros: Great case Portable Works with DJI Drones Gives a bit more freedom to flying with...
  4. Punisher82

    I put the LumeCube Anti-Collision Strobe on this.

    My only accident with a light was flying at 324 AGL. The mount I thought was secure as it was checked e times before flight and checked good. Due to failure of clamp the entire rig fell to the top of a pool enclosure causing $200 damage. No one was injured. Home owners were upset because it was...
  5. Punisher82

    I put the LumeCube Anti-Collision Strobe on this.

    I agree, the aircraft in my flying area depart and arrive from 200-300 AGL. If climbing they are more like 150 climbing. 2 airports about 1.3 miles away. I would never suggest this type of area to anyone not completely familiar with the area. The only reason I fly In it is because I am familiar...
  6. Punisher82

    I put the LumeCube Anti-Collision Strobe on this.

    The use of strobes is primarily to let other fliers know of your location. Secondary is to aid the drone pilot of visual position. I love the ideal of the removable light jacket. About to figure out my setup for my M2Z with Lume cubes x2 w mount New lume cube strobe 3 firehousetech ARC 2 2...
  7. Punisher82

    Do not fly any drone in Key West

    Key West PD has had their moments like any other PD. But this makes. No sense. The airspace down by KEYW or KNDZ is run by key west approach control most of the time. Even though eyw and ndz are 2 class Delta’s separated by the bridge / water way into key west from boca (Navy Base) . So with...
  8. Punisher82

    Flying over private property

    Case in point Do not fly over people not involved Do not over fly vehicles Adhere to hobby policy Be kind If escalated the call the police. I have been flying mine at 100-400feet and people are ignorant with drones. I have been threatened by Shooting it down and a law suite I told them to...