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Recent content by Ray Singcar

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    Greetings from Sydney

    Hi Jeff..I am in Sydney also..come and have a fly in Cronulla with me.
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    Howdy from Melbourne, Australia.

    Welcome mate....
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    Greetings from Western Australia

    Welcome mate..
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    Mavic Pilot Age

    69 and from Sunny Sydney.
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    Made the wrong decision!

    Me Me too...took me 3 models before I got it right
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    Help Lost Drone

    FOUND....i hired a diver this morning. He dropped anchor right on GPS Co-ordinates and tied 3m rope to anchor and swept around the seabed. 12 metres deep and very murky..after 25 minutes he surfaced with Drone in hand. $200.00 well spent. No physical damage except bottom cover missing..circuit...
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    DJI Mavic pilots - Australia

    Hi I am from Cronulla and love my Zoom. Fly Cronulla beach, Gunamatta Bay and Garrawarra with my RC PLANE Club. Happy to fly with any other locals.
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    Help Lost Drone

    Thanks again..I thought I needed to recover to claim on my DJI Care Refresh
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    Help Lost Drone

    Thanks for taking the time, The Utube link should work now as I had it listed as private Ray
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    Help Lost Drone

    Hi Lost my Drone over water. The last recoded point is in contradiction to the cache video which at the end looks like it may have contacted with a pontoon. I have attached Flight Log and video. I will be happy to go swimming or get a diver if I knew where to look. Thanks in advance to anyone...
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    My first Mavic Zoom Video

    Loveing my new Zoom. Video shot at Gunamatta Bay in Sydney.
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    Mavic Pro 2 and Samsung Note 8

    I use note 8 also in a Zoom...have not had any problems at all with app crashing
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    Eagle attack on my Mavic 2 Zoom.

    Nice footage...what location? Is it best to ascend when under attack?
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    Hi from Sydney

    Hey Baz I didnt think anyone was older than me.. where do you fly....I often go down to Wanda.