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Recent content by Reed

  1. Reed

    How to spot a drone

    In principal, drones can only be spotted if they want to be. You can build drones which are not guided by GPS (thus: jammer will fail) nor by direct rc contact(thus: jammer will fail). Theses programmed drones really are a problem for the civil society. Luckily, all DJI drones react either on...
  2. Reed

    Help! Camera won’t focus after crash

    Ok, you reversed the cable, but how do you know that no wire has a defect? If one is boken, it might fit in the same connection again, reproducing the same error.
  3. Reed

    Help! Camera won’t focus after crash

    In my case, replacing the camera after a crash worked fine. In your case, if it is not the camera focusing hardware, it might be also the case that the focus command does not arrive at the lens. Did you also try to replace the silver wire bundle? Certainly, there is not only a video signal wire...
  4. Reed

    Flying in Frankfurt, Germany

    There are many clubs for model building and flying in Germany, i.e. Vereinsseite des Frankfurter Modellsport Vereins You might also look for a local chapter at Veranstaltungen, Events und Treffen - - Quadrocopter, Multicopter und FPV The fire save tags are normally made of...
  5. Reed

    Flying in Frankfurt, Germany

    Additional note: Although flying my drone outside Frankfurt in the wood, some areas are prohibited because you might disturb wild life. For more exact information, there is a more precise app for Android called AirMap. Use this, it answers all questions.
  6. Reed

    Flying in Frankfurt, Germany

    YES, in general it is not allowed. For more information, see the official city pages: Frankfurt am Main: Drohneneinsatz in Frankfurt am Main There, you find several links for special permissions which have to obtained for flying drones in public parks etc. Please note that this is not cheap...
  7. Reed

    New buyer, should I wait?

    The 500m limit is relative to the starting point, not absolute. So, starting at 2500m you can still mount to 3000m with the drone.
  8. Reed

    Help! Camera won’t focus after crash

    NO, the ribbon cable is never the cause for blurring pictures, because the ribbon cable serves only for the gimbal positioning motors, not for the focus. The only connection to the camera lens unit is the silver bundle of thin wires. You migt look for the cause here, or a hardware problem within...
  9. Reed

    Yes, I sadly lost my mavic. Any ideas?

    Having both APPS on the same device may still cause an error. The whole problem arises (especially on android devices) because the USB device driver connecting to the controller can be used by both apps, DJI GO 4 and Litchi. The app which grasps it randomly may be successfull provoking a...
  10. Reed

    4K 30fps or 2.7K 60fps?

    One argument in favour for 4k has not been presented yet: you can easily extract high quality pictures, or digitally zoom in still keeping good resolution. So.for me 60fps are not important: For slow motion production I use external programs like Speeds.
  11. Reed

    Did not see these Canadian Geese

    To be back to the initial post - I do not think that you endangered the birds, see this thread ttps://
  12. Reed

    here is what i use to label my mavic :)

    Presse note that in.Germany the name and address tag should be fire proof, I.e. made in aluminium.
  13. Reed

    Following Your Mavic Around A Structure

    What do you think about signal enhancers for antennas?
  14. Reed

    Following Your Mavic Around A Structure

    I didn't have any problems with small buildings like a clock tower
  15. Reed

    Mavic Pro The Right Choice?

    In the end, my opinion to the choice MP or AIR: by the short control range, I consider the AIR only as an upgrade from Spark, not as a downgrade from MP. What drone is most usefull in practice? I think that the long RC distance of 7 km is important in wide nature, e.g. a valley, where you...