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Recent content by Scott500

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    Massachusetts Drone Club

    Cape cod here... I'm in
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    Anyone from Cape Cod on here? Looking for some new spots to flyl. I'm in the mid cape area and would be happy to share some of my areas
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    Greetings from Taxachusetts

    Greetings from Cape Cod..
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    Winter Beach Flight

    Took my Mavic Pro out for a little flying on a cold early morning. Can't wait for spring to arrive.
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    New SD card causing random disconnects?

    I upgraded to this new SD card for a little more storage space and speed however ever since I installed it I've had several mid flight disconnects requiring a RTH. I've never had any problems with my Mavic Pro using my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (other than the having to start the tablet last). Of...
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    Got my cases in

    Just got that exact same case in Black for my Mavic and love it. Very well made and everything fits perfectly. I wish it had a spot for my 8" tablet but I'm sure I can figure something out.
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    What was the fix????
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    Whales in La Reunion

    Fun video..thanks for sharing
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    DJI GO 4 App for android update issues

    That's weird. I was running 4.1.5 and the play store told me there was an update to 4.1.5... Weird. I did the update but don't know what was changed.
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    Samsung - Galaxy Tab A 7" 8GB - White

    I think that model is a little low on specs. I use the Galaxy Tab S2 8" which works great (though you have to start it last after the drone and rc for some weird reason). Super bright and crisp display..
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    4K? Best resolution?

    This is a great video which might give you the info you're looking for about the best camera settings. Happy flying.
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    I live down on Cape Cod and we are kind of limited in practice areas. I normally just go down to one of the schools on the weekends (either early or late) and use the fields. Nobody seems to bother me. As far as filming, any of the beaches and waterways are great. As the off -season approaches...
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    4.1.5 for Android is up

    Me either.... Though I've been reading some horror stories that people said they were getting very poor performance with this version. I sent mine up for about an hour of flying today and didn't have any issues thankfully. I think I was even seeing slightly better performance in the live video...
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    4.1.5 for Android is up

    I noticed that the Android version had a update tonight to 4.1.5. I'm hoping this addressed the horrible choppy video that suddenly appeared on my Samsung Tab 2 S2 after the last update. Terrible streaming video quality while flying made it unusable? Fingers crossed..
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    Greetings all... Another Mavic owner from Cape Cod (Yarmouth area)... Been flying lots of spots down here but it will be a little better in the fall after the tourists have gone. Let me know if you need any recommendations. Throw your Mavic in the car and explore the Cape!