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Recent content by skychatham

  1. skychatham

    Mavic aging

    That’s exactly what happened with me
  2. skychatham

    I'm pulling the trigger on the MP today! Help please...

    As noted, get the refresh! Benefited me.
  3. skychatham

    Crashed today

    Do you mean August 1?
  4. skychatham

    Just want to share my misery

    OK, so I remember the flight simulator from when I first got my MAVIC but I can't seem to remember where that was. I have go 4.0 end it doesn't seem to be on there or at least I cannot find it. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated, thank you
  5. skychatham

    Just want to share my misery

    Secondary progressive Looking forward to trying the new MS drug just approved in March but I need to recover from this accident first and that might take a while.
  6. skychatham

    Just want to share my misery

    I'm just glad they didn't ask for the money upfront also glad I have good insurance
  7. skychatham

    Just want to share my misery

    Thanks for the wishes for a while I didn't need any hugs I was getting sponge baths from 20-year-old Nurse aides. A bucket list item I did not know I had. Awesome idea on using the flight simulator thank you for that
  8. skychatham

    Just want to share my misery

    Thanks Robert I appreciate it I guess I'm bummed because I have spent 4 to 5 months gearing up to hit the springtime market, Real estate, graduations, etc etc etc. I live near a small town of 3000 and some really rich guy but 10,000 acres and has a development plan to bring 60,000 people to...
  9. skychatham

    Just want to share my misery

    Like many of you I ordered my Mavic when it was first available but I didn't receive it until November 27, 2016. I live in a relatively small but fast growing county and it was my plan to get my part 107 and be the first commercially licensed SUAV operator in the county. First is best right...
  10. skychatham

    DJI Brand Lens Filters - Where to buy?

    Mine have been on order since February 5
  11. skychatham

    Flying during pollen season

    I live in Chatham County and our pollenis just starting. I hadn't thought about the effects. I will be curious to hear what others say
  12. skychatham

    Controller would not turn on

    Some might ask.... It was a beautiful partly sunny 70° day We were attempting to fly on a soccer field in the exact same location we have flown many times. Controller and all batteries are fully charged.
  13. skychatham

    Controller would not turn on

    I've had my MP since November and today I went out to fly and the controller would not come on. I press and hold the button and the screen lights up telling me that my battery is 100% charged, and then nothing. My drone was in California for most of February for repairs and I received a new...
  14. skychatham

    Black Screen

    Just curious, have you tried contacting Dji tech-support yet? I found them most helpful