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Recent content by Sterling

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    Tablet for a monitor

    Yes it is the one I use great for mavic ;-)
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    Mavic or Spark

    Mavic far better ;-)
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    What do you guys use to show photos/videos on your TV?

    I edit mine to a blu ray format and write to a re writable blu ray disc. Then play them on a blu ray player. Nice quality ;-)
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    I noticed you are using IOS 11.1.2 is this working ok, as I have been asked to upgrade my mini iPad 4 just a bit nervous about new upgrades ;-)
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    Nice footage and great audio track, lovely voice ;-)
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    Music choice

    I write my own music and play guitar and keyboards.So no problem with me! I use Logic Pro to record ;-)
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    Anybody Remember Film?

    RB 67 with Polaroid back - still have one ;-)
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    My first movie - Lofoten islands, Norway

    Amazing shots very artistic
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    Recommendation for Video Editing Software or App?

    Same as I use most pros use premiere Pro!
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    Big thanks :)

    Great shots ;-)
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    Question for Photographers

    Shoot mainly Band videos and corporate vids
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    Question for Photographers

    I use a canon 5D MkII for stills and A Sony FS7 for vids but think the quality of the mavic is pretty good for a small drone!
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    Video Quality Issues

    Cannot open your YouTube file as it is set to private