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Recent content by tmgrood

  1. tmgrood

    iPad ?

    I use my iPad Pro 9.7 inch. I think it is a 4th generation and it works flawlessly. The iPad's are nice because they are thinner than any Android tablet I have ever owned. I purchased it through the Apple refurbished store online. Works and looks like new but at a much cheaper price.
  2. tmgrood

    How do they get away with this?

    Yes. But they didn’t call them iPhones which is the point here. Loumax is calling it a Mavic Air.
  3. tmgrood

    JIHADI KARMA ISIS fighter killed by drone bomb he was operating after it ran low on battery and flew back

    I wonder if he had his 107 certification. HaHa.
  4. tmgrood

    The bridge

    The color in that picture is amazing.
  5. tmgrood

    Hanging With The Deer

    Loved it. They seemed curious but not scared. Thanks for sharing that.
  6. tmgrood

    SOLD! Mavic Air for Sale! U.S. Only SOLD!

    Haha. You got that right!
  7. tmgrood

    SOLD! Mavic Air for Sale! U.S. Only SOLD!

    Oh no. Sorry to hear that.
  8. tmgrood

    SOLD! Mavic Air for Sale! U.S. Only SOLD!

    I have had this Mavic Air for about a year and a half but have only flown it maybe 10-15 times. It comes with everything in the standard kit along with 3 Polar Pro filters and landing extensions. I will also throw in the 32GB Sandisk Extreme microSD card. It also comes with the Master Airscrew...
  9. tmgrood

    Found a submerged vehicle

    Jimmy Bambino sleeps with the fishes.
  10. tmgrood

    Cool storm pic

    Mother nature putting us back in our place. Beautiful.
  11. tmgrood

    MA being put upside down

    Just as long as no fuel spilled out on the bed. Just kidding. 😁
  12. tmgrood

    Scared to fly!!

    I know what you mean. With me it was the high pitch of the props spinning and it still kind of gets my attention but I look at it as a good thing because it just makes me more cautious when taking off and using the sticks on the controller. Just take your time in a big empty lot and have fun.
  13. tmgrood

    4K UHD / Dolomites - Italy / Aerial Drone Video

    Wow! I think I had an organism. I enjoyed going through the forest trees from the side.
  14. tmgrood

    Hello from WA State...Yakima Valley

    Welcome to the group Rineholdr. I am near Olympia, Washington that is.
  15. tmgrood

    Some photos from videos shot in SF area last weekend

    I may live near Seattle now but I left my heart in San Francisco. Great shots!! Is that the Bay bridge?