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Recent content by tmgrood

  1. tmgrood

    144 year old Cedar Creek Grist Mill

    Bravo, Bravo. Very well done. I have heard of that mill but have note visited.....yet.
  2. tmgrood

    SOLD***Mavic Mini Fly More Combo for Sale!***SOLD

    I am saving for a Mavic Air 2 and selling my Mavic Mini fly more combo. Experienced pilot. No crashes. $425.00 USPS Free Priority Shipping for U.S. only. Only a few flights with it. In excellent condition. Pm me through here. Would prefer to use Google Pay and skip the PayPal fees but if you...
  3. tmgrood

    My Tab sucked my Remote Controller dry of power :-(

    I always thought you could swipe down on the tablets home screen and it would give the option to stop charging through USB.
  4. tmgrood

    New to flying drones

    Welcome to the forum. As someone else mentioned YouTube and Google are your friend. They helped me out a lot in the beginning even before my first flight.
  5. tmgrood

    Is there a dedicated controller for the Mini?

    I don't even I don't even pull my phone out of my pocket anymore when I fly. I have either a dedicated iPad pro or iPad mini that I use. At my age if I am going to use something to look at the telemetry readings I want it to where I can actually glance down and read it. My eyes aren't what...
  6. tmgrood

    Do I need a compass for DJI Fly?

    While you're busy looking at the compass you may run into a tree or something worse. Best to keep your eyes on the drone.
  7. tmgrood

    No words

    To me that sounds like the perfect life. Retired, traveling and flying a drone. I will pass on the wine since I don't drink anymore. Enjoy life. This is what you spent a lifetime working for but make sure you eat well, sleep well and smile slot. Those guarantee a longer life.
  8. tmgrood

    Now What !!!

    HaHa. That's why I bought refurbished. A couple hundred bucks and it works fine.
  9. tmgrood

    Welp, this sucks

    I that case maybe they'll scrub the launch and wait until better weather. Then you could get it on video outside the restricted zone.
  10. tmgrood

    Now What !!!

    I bought a refurbished iPad mini 2 from the Apple store a few years ago and it works with my Spark, Anafi and Mavic Mini.
  11. tmgrood

    Active track car chase!

    Maybe because this one was in Sport mode and the other wasn’t, although I am not sure what mode the other one was in.
  12. tmgrood

    Active track car chase!

    My hats off to that MA2 and to you also. You set it high enough to avoid any power lines and trees. Great job!
  13. tmgrood

    So Illegal

    It didn't look as though the video at first was shot with the drone by the way the video was moving around. Looked more like from a phone or video camera but the final shots were definitely from a drone.
  14. tmgrood

    Thank you MINI, Enjoy Your New Home

    It sounds as though you treated your Mini with the love and respect she deserves but you two had to part ways. 😭
  15. tmgrood

    Invasion of Privacy on a photo shoot

    Great shot. I think you handled that very well and I think she was probably just being curious.