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Recent content by Tomski

  1. Tomski

    Post your best Photo From Mavic

    Where is that picture taken? That's crazy!
  2. Tomski

    Do you wish you had gotten the P4P instead?

    I also think that phantom is not as aesthetically pleasing to eye, for me anyway.
  3. Tomski

    Never Crashed Survey

    Could u please set up a poll? Would be interesting to see percentages.
  4. Tomski

    Bird deterrence?

    Attach to Mavic.
  5. Tomski

    How and where do you store your Mavic?

    I accidentally left mine overnight on the shelf next to a small speaker. Had to re-calibrate the compass the next day. So, store away from any speakers.
  6. Tomski

    How to watch videos

    I'd also like to know how to watch footage straight from the MP's SD card on a non 4k TV. No post productions or anything like that.
  7. Tomski

    Samsung Galaxy S8 works great!

    I've been flying with Galaxy S8 for few weeks now. Not a single issue.
  8. Tomski

    DJI goggles are illegal to use.

    How can one maintain line of sight past few hundred metres? Can anyone explain that to me. Telescope perhaps?
  9. Tomski

    Issues playing videos on my Samsung S8

    I had this issue playing 4k videos on my galaxy's s8 stock video player. Download "Video Player All Format", it will play them without a problem.
  10. Tomski

    I Love MAVIC PRO

    Mavic is my first drone and I not only love it but find it extremely empowering. It lets me see my environment from totally different perspective. We live 20min from the beach and in summer I spend a lot of time there with my family, while lots of helicopters and light planes cruise past along...
  11. Tomski

    Urge to fly

    I bought mine not long ago. Big mistake to buy it during Melbourne winter. Almost everyday raining. Hanging out for some decent weather. Very frustrating.
  12. Tomski

    Range in congested areas?

    I get about 400m - 500m at 50m altitudes. Small trees, single and double storey houses and some powerlines.
  13. Tomski

    Forward/Back and Yaw on one stick

    I'm new to drones. Got my mavic few weeks ago and i love it. Just so amazed by the technology of the little guy. I've been flying with the standard setup of the control sticks. However it occured to me that it would make more sense and it would probably feel more natural to have yaw and...