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Recent content by valdi99

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    Mavic Pro: why DJI doesn't fix this huge flickering/compression problem?

    Please reply where to find these scripts, gustofusion?
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    So no aircraft activation needed..?

    Its been quite a few days and I didn't get any email from DJI...
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    So no aircraft activation needed..?

    Any way to check it out? I mean without contacting DJI Support? Will I be able to see if my Mavic is registered when I log to my DJI account?
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    So no aircraft activation needed..?

    Got my brand new Mavic. But before I have flown it and after reading all this horror stories on the forum - I have downgraded to .700 (from factory .800) then installed GO 4.0.6 and it allowed me to start engines without "aircraft activation". While few hours earlier - app DJI GO 4.1.3 insisted...
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    Mavic Pro 9 Month Review - What DJI don't tell you

    An app that stops charging your tablet/phone - only on rooted device.
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    Sharing some Neat Video noise profiles

    @bluesk1d - How about your LUTs..?
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    Does Mavic Shoot Video or Watercolor Paintings? Don’t settle. Get Involved!

    It seems you are missing common issues ;) What settings and firmware it was?
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    Went flying ;)

    Went flying ;)
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    Mavic Pro footage, is this normal? Can it be fixed in post?

    The above advise (ND16: Sunny day - etc.) is quite right, but to determine it precisely - read your shutter speed when correct exposure is acquired by Auto Exposure. Than choose the "right" ND which will make your shutter speed twice the framerate actually used. Knowing that: ND 4 = two stop...
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    Battery connections

    DJI Mavic Battery Disassemble
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    Sharing some Neat Video noise profiles

    Thanks for sharing!
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    Activation of account...

    I also have some problem with activation, described here So what is considered the Best Firmware to stay at?
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    Remote charging android phone

    Another app to stop charging, root required Disable Battery Charging ROOT - Android Apps on Google Play
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    Could someone create a VM so we can all forever downgrade to 700

    Thx, Virtual Machine is what I thought.