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4k editing

  1. M

    Editing Mavic Air 4k Footage on Ipad Mini 4

    So I just managed to use the ipad mini 4 to edit 4k footage from Mavic Air and it works. I used LumaFusion and imported the clips from Google Drive and edited away. I added transitions, titles, color adjustment, and music to test it out. Both of the Mavic Air footage are 3840x2160 @ 23.976fps...
  2. N

    Nathan checking in from Sydney, Australia

    Hi all, DJI Phantom 3 pro and Mavic Air pilot from Sydney's inner west. I enjoy photography mostly but with Drones it seems such a shame to just capture still images so I've recently started doing much more video. I use Premier pro to edit mostly with Lightroom and Photoshop for still...
  3. treygeiger

    First edit: winter flying in Canada (Toronto Area)

    Hi guys - my wife surprised me with a MP for Xmas and it's such an amazing piece of technology! Despite the cold temps (-15C) I've found a few opportunities to play around with some cool shots and made my first basic edit. For anyone interested please feel free to have a look! I am just getting...
  4. donatas1

    Christmas lights.Merry Christmas 2018

  5. donatas1

    Birds VS Drones Attack by Birds

  6. donatas1

    I Love you Iceland

  7. donatas1

    DJI Phantom 3 ICELAND SHIP

  8. MikeC

    Northern Lights and Mavic footage from Alaska

    Footage from this winter and summer with the Mavic Pro and time lapses of the Northern Lights
  9. _InTheFeels_

    SAN JUAN ISLAND, WA | Looking for video critiques

    Hi everyone! I just picked up my drone last week and tested it out in beautify Garrison Bay on San Juan Island, Washington. The weather was just fantastic and I flew around trying to capture some of the good times we had. More videos to come if you like! I'm still learning and would really...
  10. B

    4K Stunning Drone Footage of Hong Kong

    Just dropping in to share my 4K aerial drone footage of Hong Kong shot in June 2017 before & after Typhoon Merbok. As you can imagine, it was quite windy to fly, wind speed was about 15 mph +. Surprisingly, my Mavic Pro seemed to hold it stable enough. What a good design in a small package. Hope...
  11. topdetop

    Islay in Scotland from the Sky - Mavic/D-log/Polarpro LUT

    Hi guys, I would welcome your comments on this video I shot after a few flights with my new birds in Scotland. Shot in D-log, 4K, post on Adobe Premiere Pro with PolarPro Aurora LUT and a few tweaks. or Thanks all Marc
  12. gadominas

    Lakes of Lithuania - Peršokšnai (Mavic, 4K)

    I'm running my little project by taking areal videos from most beautiful lakes of Lithuania country. Latest roll: Please like & subscriber Sky Stories youtube channel!
  13. johneze

    Took some footage at Half Moon Bay, California

    My first 'short' video, shot from the Mavic Pro with a bit of editing in Adobe Premiere Pro. Hope you like it:
  14. mikey201

    The Amazing Island of Hawaii in 4k

    got some nice drone footage of waipio valley and pololu valley
  15. J

    Still Pics from Video

    I'm seeing a trend that is a bit surprising to me. But then again, it may be that new people just don't know. So, here goes. Some pilots are stopping video in the middle of a composition to shoot a still frame. I would say NOT to do this. 4K video resolution is so high that you can very easily...
  16. P

    WeedControl Try-Out with DJI Mavic

    Dear dronefans, With my replaced Mavic I made my first video for a friend of mine. His company sells poisonfree methods to clear weeds in local environments. One of the items is a quad with a heatblaster attached to it. I made a video as a try-out, more will follow maybe. Shot in D-Log with...
  17. MilesTHD

    Your Editing Hardware? Mine is choking on 4k.

    It seems I've reached the limit of my laptop since I got the Mavic. Most video I create and edit in Adobe CC is from my LG V20 phone - which is 1080p. Now that I want to edit in 2 or 4k - no way. Even when trying to create proxy files my computer just chokes and stutters and finally just gives...