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  1. K

    Excellent & cheap hardcase found at HomeDepot

    Hey folks! I'm a relatively new drone operator (Mavic 2 Zoom) and had been floundering on a decent case for my drone kit. I plan on eventually getting the fly-more-combo, which does include a case, but for now I was always uncomfortable carrying my gear loose in a backpack or satchel of some...
  2. F

    Mavic Air with accessories for sale

    Selling my Mavic Air as it sitting on a shelf without any purpose. The bundle includes: Mavic Air white - it's almost new (20 flights / 27km / 3h30m total on it). Got it as DJI care refresh replacement when I lost the original drone in the lake. No crashes on this replaced drone. Controller...
  3. J

    SOLD - Mavic Air Battery $50 Shipped OBO

    Bought this from a forum member here as I thought I was keeping the Air but I returned the drone and got a M2Z instead. Works great only 5 cycles. Asking $50 shipped to US. Thanks!
  4. L

    *SOLD**Brand New* Mavic Pro w/6 Batts and many extras etc.. Never flown/activated $1200

    $1200 plus shipping CONUS Warranty replacement directly from DJI. Never used or put a battery in it. Comes with all of the following: (1) Mavic Pro Airframe (1) Set Polarpro Vivid Collection | Cinema Series | Mavic Pro/Platinum ND4/PL, ND8/PL and ND16/PL filters (2) Battery Chargers (6)...
  5. Ace79

    Are the Mavic Pro (original) and Mavic 2 remotes the same dimensions?

    I got my Mavic 2 today but sadly my phone/tablet mount for the Mavic Air controller does not fit the Mavic 2 remote. Can anyone confirm if the Mavic 2 remote is the same size as the original Mavic Pro controller? I know I can get a mount that slips between the grips, but I'm looking for an...
  6. K

    iPad or iPad Mini?

    I can't decide between the 9.7 inch iPad and 7.9 inch iPad Mini. There seems to be a few differences besides the screen size difference. The Mini has the anti-reflective screen coating which I think would be beneficial for our purposes. It's also easier to carry than 9.7" iPad. I would also have...
  7. M

    Anybody do anything interesting with their case's leftover foam?

    Has anyone done anything interesting/useful with the leftover foam from their Mavic cases? It's nice, dense foam that feels like it could be useful. But right now it's just garbage taking up space in my closet. Just looking for ideas. Thanks
  8. markyodo

    What would you 3D print for your Mavic?

    This isn't really a MOD subject, more about accessories. I purchased myself a 3D printer in Nov. 2017. Since then I have become pretty proficient with 3D design (Fushion 360) and printer operation. I see some cool stuff available for drones on sites like but haven't tried them...
  9. E


    Hi Guys, I have a Mavic Pro Platinum on the way and want to know what accessories you guys think I should get? Just so you know and to set some parameters I have no interests in landing pads, leg extensions or wraps. I am interested in if I should get the Crystal sky. If so what size? Or...
  10. DimiGoulas21

    Best accessories for a DJI Mavic

    Hello Everyone! Happy New Year! I need a piece of advise regarding accessories for DJI Mavic. I am looking for accessories such as filter packs and landing gears. Any recommendations please? Thank you! Dimitris
  11. P

    23 Mavic Pro Essential Gear 4K60 – Quick Backpack & Accessories List (Platinum, Alpine)

    I’ve had the Mavic for months now and have acquired some accessories that I find essential when filming. Here’s a short video of what’s in my kit, including fitting everything in the backpack I have chosen. A bunch of these items should be on sale right now until the next couple of weeks! If...
  12. P

    23 Mavic Essential Gear Kit 4K60 – Short Backpack/Accessories List (Platinum, Alpine)

    After having used the Mavic for 9 months, I made a quick video of gear/accessories that I carry (and believe are important) when out filming. A bunch of these should be on sale for a week or two! If you’re free, also check out my cinematic drone tutorials for beginners (71 basic moves, multiple...

    DJI Spark Rubber Pin Cover

    DJI No Damage Non-Scratch Rubber Spark Pin Cover This pin cover will help prevent entry of Foreign Matter, Short Circuits, Oxidation & Broken or Bent pins during transportation & storage. They are made from non-scratch stiff rubber & will not scratch or damage your spark body like other abs...
  14. M

    Mavic Pro Photography Accessories Purchase

    For those that have been following, I just ordered another DJI Mavic Pro, hoping that this one is not a lemon. I was going to buy from a local store, but all of them charge a restocking fee if I return it. It looks like Amazon is the best place to buy one in the first place. So, I'm going to...
  15. A

    using Mavic's accessories with Spark

    If not DJI then I hope someone else is already working on adapters for using Mavic's chargers (car charger in particular) to charge Spark's batteries. Spark's and Mavic's batteries have same voltage 11.4v. Someone should make a lighter version of the Spark's battery (maybe modify the existing...
  16. FantasticMrF


    What accessories do you lot have for your mavic? and what do you recommend.
  17. S

    Favored Mavic Accesories I've personally own, bought and use.

    I thought I would include some of my favorite accessories I've bought for the mavic in a list. I do reviews on gadgets but not much on accessories for things. But I still wanted to,share what I've personally bought and used with others that have wondered about these items. Most of these can be...
  18. H

    3D printing yoru Mavic accessories....easy peasy

    I felt that buying bits for my mavic just wasn't cutting it creatively so i 3d printed a few accessories for it. A couple of other things i don't mention in the video are battery contact covers and controller joystick guards. These are useful and can be printed relatively cheaply. Making is...
  19. Daskid

    SOLD! - DJI Mavic Pro with Accessories

  20. M

    Mavic Pro Wheels?

    I'm looking for landing gear for my Mavic. I'm not talking about heigh extension, I was wondering if there was like wheels or a sled that I can attach to the bottom so that when I'm landing on snow it won't sink into it. Thanks