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  1. jeremytoh

    3 Testing the ActiveTrack 5.0 - It's like a Heat Seeking Missile

    So... took the Mavic 3 out for a spin to test the ActiveTrack 5.0... and then some creativity struck🤦‍♂️... and here is a silly video 🤣.
  2. F

    Air 2 First tests of DJI Mavic Air 2 Active Track on MTB

    Got the courage to trust the Mavic Air 2 Active Track and started with MTB! Tested Trace and Parallel mode on a well known trail. Hope you enjoy! Soon I will post another one Hiking. On both sports got some scary moments but zero crashes.
  3. ShannonRawls

    Will the MA2 operate on Smartphone alone? (no controller)

    New pilot. New here. First post. Hi everyone... I’m looking for a drone that has a decent “follow me” feature and I would have bought the Skydio 2 until I realized you can only purchase one from their site and because of Covid-19 they aren’t taking orders. ?? Well, maybe that’s a blessing in...
  4. B

    Orbitting around moving object with ActiveTrack

    Hi all, I’m a new Mavic Air owner and new to this forum, so sorry if this topic has been posted before. I’d like to make the Mavic Air circle around a walking person. I find a lot of Mavic Pro search results but nothing about the Mavic Air. Is this possible with the Mavic Air? Thank you in...
  5. zamboni

    Tracking >100m from home when using only phone?

    My MA seems to be working correctly, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to make it do what i want. Hoping for some suggestions? I want the MA to track me while i ride across large open fields on my mountain bike, without using the RC. Whenever possible, i fly with it, but the RC is not...
  6. M

    New Air smart modes available to Pro?

    Unless I'm mistaken, I'm seeing at least some of the new automatic modes advertised for the Air available to my Pro. I'm even seeing "smart avoid" like ARAS - fly around obstacles instead of just stopping. I had been curious if there were hardware dependencies to the new modes, or if it is...
  7. R

    Problems with Active Track - Trace

    I'm a newbie here but I've been reading and watching tutorials as much as possible. I've been having issues getting the Mavic Pro to stay tracked in Active Track Trace mode (I haven't tried any others). I tested this on the street by getting the Mavic maybe 15 feet up and 20 or so behind me...
  8. R

    Spark activetrack follow without phone or remote

    Can somebody who has had hands on the spark confirm if, activetrack follow can be activated without using phone or remote and that it actually has no limitation (eg. mavic in wifi stopping after 80m from home point)? Thanks.
  9. R

    Active Track not working at high altitude.

    Hi guys, I have been following friends ski touring up a mountain i followed them till 400m from takeoff point, i was really close to the subject, but DJI go 4 displays, object too high. Is this intended in the drones limitations? Has somebody experienced the same? Footage Link:
  10. heo3480

    Active Track MAX Speed Test - How fast will it go?

    I have been requested to do a video about the maximum speed of Active Track. DJI claim the max speed has been increased to 15 m/s - 55kph - 34mph, so let’s find out ;-)
  11. Daskid

    Street Hover

    Testing the ActiveTrack function of the Mavic. Seems pretty stable.
  12. McFets

    More questions about Activetrack

    Hi Guys, this is my very first EVER post in any forum anywhere in the world and I am now 58 years old! Anyway I have a Mavic Pro and was out showing it off to my son-in-law who brought his dog along. We tried to do an active track of his dog but it kept telling me it was unable to recognize the...
  13. W

    Help! Active track in trace altitude when skiing.

    I'm trying to active track myself skiing, and every time it tracks me but the altitude doesn't reduce quick enough and doesn't keep up with me even when I'm skiing slowly. The ski runs are quiet steep. Quiet frustrated any ideas I only have 1 more day here to get some footage....
  14. crayban

    Mavic Pro Cinematic active Track - Ford Mustang

    Using the Mavic Pro active track mode in San Diego, California. Here are a few highlights:
  15. Falcon

    First time using Active Track on my Bike

    This was my first time and I love this feature
  16. Member

    Active Track + jetski = epic fail

    From 08:19
  17. Member

    Activetrack vs terrain / altitude demo

    This is something I've been wondering about but haven't seen in action. Start from 05:00 for the point. In this video however, terrain follow does the trick: So... at the risk of asking a stupid question, is terrainfollow an extension to activetrack basically? Does it track? If not, then...