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aircraft disconnected

  1. C

    MAVIC PRO AirCraftDisconect

    Hi, I had a problem. I would like to ask if you have not encountered this problem before. : I flew in the mountains for about 10 minutes okay, I landed the drone or did not turn off and went about the location (I carried the drone in my hand) then flew to about 2 meters and I wanted to use the...
  2. maurotandoi

    Smartcontroller & Aircraft Disconnected

    In the last month I found the following problem: DJI GO 4 screen became transparent grey, the message of "Aircraft Disconnected" appeared and I could no longer understand where the drone was (altitude, height and map) or what it saw. Luckily the drone was in front of me, and I was able to land...
  3. KeithLa

    Motorola Z2 Force Edition users?

    Is anyone else piloting with a Motorola Z2 Force Edition smartphone? Curious to compare notes, wondering if others are experiencing RC/Djigo4 or RC/AC disconnects when using this device.
  4. M

    R/C Wifi switch cause of disconnect

    This has happened to me twice in the 10 days Ive owned my Mavic. Drone would not start and home screen displayed "aircraft disconnected". I searched everywhere and tried everything for a solution and found it hear buried way down the list, but I think it's important to state again, especially...
  5. KeithLa

    RESOLVED: Worsening disconnections from AC => Overheating RC

    Although there are already many other threads reporting close range mid-flight disconnections with MP, MPP, and MA, I'm creating my own post about my own recent experiences. I'm fearing a physical hardware defect in either RC or MPP, given what I've witnessed and am reading on these forums. I...
  6. Stevezphoto

    Mavic Air Lost Connection: Trying to learn lessons and preventative measures

    Today was flying Mavic Air. Around 9 minutes into the fight, not all that far away and within line of sight, the aircraft disconnected from the app. I had line of sight, and intended to fly home manually. The controls were not responding, then the aircraft appeared to take off in a direction not...
  7. W

    Aircraft disconnected

    Former P3 pilot from Never had any real technical issues with Phantoms. I was gifted a Mavic recently, by a frustrated family member (was in beginner mode as I had warned). My first update/ test flight went without a hitch. Packed up and went home (windy/cold). Took it...
  8. C

    Mavic Pro: Aircraft disconnected

    I've had my DJI Mavic Pro for 3 days - however today, to my great surprise, the (Android) phone refused to connect to the Mavic through the RC. On the "front page" of the DJI GO 4 app it would say "Enter device" rather than the usual "Go fly". Once "entering the device", all I see is a black...
  9. S

    No video feed to phone and says "Aircraft Disconnected"

    Evening all,first time drone owner and im having some drama. first few flights where fine no dramas at all.But now i have No Video feed to my phone,and i have several different messages that have displayed 1:Aircraft Disconnected 2:Radio channel quality - poor 3:Gimble status - Disconnected...