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MAVIC PRO AirCraftDisconect


New Member
Oct 12, 2021
Orlová, Czech Republic
Hi, I had a problem. I would like to ask if you have not encountered this problem before. :

I flew in the mountains for about 10 minutes okay, I landed the drone or did not turn off and went about the location (I carried the drone in my hand) then flew to about 2 meters and I wanted to use the drone only as a tripod and take a picture with a panorama ... drone wrote AirCraftDisconect and told me that the land immediately immediately began to fall relatively quickly and landed in quite tall grass. I haven't connected it back to the controller since. I tried other cables even a brand new apple cable. I also tried to pair the driver again after unzipping I clicked on the button on the drone and nothing happened .... I thought of updating the firmware of the driver and drone so I connected the driver updated in order, connected the drone but the drone even though I connected according to the instructions to DJI ASSISTANT 2 just didn't want to connect or didn't show up in device manager. So I wanted to try connecting a drone via WIFI. I switched the switch, turned on the drone, looked at the wifi device on the mobile phone and no wifi was displayed. The next thing I noticed is that the LED next to the SD card just doesn't light up, it's just off. I just saw a mistake with that saltpeter, can the motherboard be damaged in any way? Thanks to everyone for all the advice.

✅Other cable tested (original fungl new apple cable)
✅the connector in the phone is clean
✅tested with another phone: iphone 6s plus, iphone 11 pro
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