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  1. Sir Maxwell Greene

    3 Grand Theft Drone! Bangkok Edition!

    Beautiful scenes from the brand new bridge on the Chao Phraya river, next to the Rama 9 bridge. RGB madness!
  2. C

    MAVIC PRO AirCraftDisconect

    Hi, I had a problem. I would like to ask if you have not encountered this problem before. : I flew in the mountains for about 10 minutes okay, I landed the drone or did not turn off and went about the location (I carried the drone in my hand) then flew to about 2 meters and I wanted to use the...
  3. RawRock

    Red Light on DJI quad charger hub with battery just kicking off (Mavic 2 Pro)

    I have a battery that I put on a DJI quad hub with two other batteries, and when it cycles around to that battery the led light on the hub turns red and the battery does not charge. Battery has half a charge and when you hit the button it will still show you half a charge left; but it keeps...
  4. N

    Battery won’t charge

    Hi, I’ve got a DJI Mavic mini with 2 batteries. One battery charges fine but when I plug the other one in, the charging LED’s all flash 3 times over and over again. This battery does not charge at all. Any ideas? TIA, Josh
  5. M

    1 led flashing on battery

    Hello I have an issue and I can't find any solution nor infos about it. I have my second led flashing 1 time in 1/2 seconds. Its a smart battery. Nothing happen when I plug it in the drone or in the charger. See video in zip file. Does anyone have an input ? Thank you very much !!
  6. E90RAW


    So, I have to admit it. I love flying my M2P/M2Z at night. The sound of the blades slicing through the night air as it passes overhead, the scintillating lights blinking like a twinkling star in the distance, the glaring landing light illuminating the the surrounding sky like a UFO. I love it...
  7. K

    Mavic Mini Red LED Flashing twice slowly- about every minute.

    My Mavic Mini LED flashes green, but every minute flashes red twice (slowly), has anyone seen this? Does this with full battery. Performed IMU and compass calibrations. All firmware up-to-date. Looked at logs and no mention of why the LED flashes red twice intermittently, or about every minute...
  8. C

    LED Propellers for Mavic - Buy or Pass?

    LED Propeller for Mavic Pro Saw these 40% OFF on this site. What do you guys think? Should I get these or not? They look really cool. I appreciate the help.
  9. I

    Tried Out LED Props...Enlightening

    Tried out these LED Props for the Mavic PRO. Was pretty impressed with the effect. Would be great for events, impress your friends etc. Defo for occasional use though, saw a little bit of drift when turning. Something to "brighten" up your flying though
  10. S

    Battery Issue - wrong voltage?

    Im in Peru right now and when I plug in a battery (I have 3 brand new mavic batteries) - the 1st Led starts flashing And doesn't stop. I'm thinking the voltage is off some how BUT - in the manual I saw nothing about the 1st LED blinking (only combos of the 2-4th that meant errors) AND whe. I...
  11. Haloweenhamster

    Led lights

    I was wondering if anyone has changed the led lights for navigation ie one leg to green and rear green to white?
  12. Adamcain112

    Anyone heard of this company Looks interesting
  13. kcoleman805

    Triple Flashing Lights

    Just took my Mavic for a flight using two batteries. Finished flying and brought my Mavic inside to charge the batteries. I placed my two batteries into the charging dock, as I usually do, and when I did so the light on the charging dock went red. And the green light closest to the power switch...
  14. Pituophis

    Anyone try this landing gear-headlamp thing?

    Buy Products Online from China Wholesalers at Anyone try this? Was thinking about getting it, but it's apparently only 96 lumens at brightest setting, and I'm not sure if that would make enough of a difference in dim light conditions.
  15. T

    Flytron Strobon LED holder

    I have uploaded to Thingiverse STLs to attach the Strobon LEDs to the arms of the Mavic. Flytron Strobon LED holder by triafgg