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  1. N

    Is AirMap/LAANC not working for anyone else?

    I've been trying to submit a LAANC Authorization request as part of a flight plan I'm trying to submit for some Class B airspace. However, AirMap doesn't seem to be properly loading most LAANC-related information -- or at least is doing it so slowly that all of my requests are timing out...
  2. Ziz ONE

    3 Maps, 0 Clues

    So the title is a bit misleading, I have somewhat of a clue to what i am looking at, but would really appreciate some guidance. I had three phone Apps, with somewhat sinilar yet different displays for my area. I know in general what is where in my area, like the international airport, the...
  3. M

    Question about distances in UAV vs Airmap

    Hi folks, New future drone user here (should arrive within days), so I'm doing my due diligence and learning all I can before flying. I've read laws, blogs and forums, and watched a ton of videos in the last few weeks, and there's one thing that I can't seem to understand. I have read here and...
  4. M

    Which Maps to Trust for Safe Flying

    Hi All, Just want to get a consensus on which map people use to determine whether it is safe to fly in a certain location. I use Airmap but when I compare the same location in B4UFly, I get very different warnings and alerts. Which one should I trust? How often do these maps get updated? Is...
  5. M

    Anyone on here have inside info on LAANC airport roll-out info?

    I'm trying to figure out when US territories will be fully integrated and operational. I want to use LAANC in Guam. Using AirMap I can see all the grids, rules, etc concerning LAANC. When I submit a recreational notification it tells me I may be violating the rule about notifying the airport...
  6. A

    Airmap vs Hover Vs B4UFly Vs DJI Go App

    I'm a newbie if you haven't noticed., So which is the one to go with? Airmap shows more 'do not fly zones' and orange circles than others basically makes me feel like I should return my drone It includes every single airport in the area (large to tiny. Hover gives me the most hope. B4UFly is...
  7. BAGraphics

    Small airport advisory and no answer

    Hello all, I have 3 small airports that I get advisory notices about in AirMap near my home. If I win too fly and do not get an answer when I call the supplied number what should I do? Can I assume they are closed, after 2/3 calls or so and not need to be concerned? I’m new to this great hobby...
  8. R.J.

    Airmap discrepancy solved...kinda. (Email from Airmap)

    Hello all, as I was searching for places to fly I came across an odd discrepancy in the Airmap app. You will see in the pic provided that some roads have 'yellow' on them. The issue is that they do not always have yellow on the same road... for example, highway 95 turns from yellow to white and...
  9. M

    Airmap Adding DJI Drone Control

    Just got an email form Airmap that they are adding the ability to fly DJI drones from their app. It seems that this company is rapidly becoming the leader in drone software development and FAA compliance. If all goes well they will have an app that a user can log their flight, get digital...