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  1. A

    Weird gimbal issue by motor maybe

    Hi! I recently tried flying my drone, and then gimbal started making weird noises and the video is jello (ing?). Here is a video I have edited to show the problem in detail. I had no crashes that could connect to this issue. (video uploaded to onedrive, no need to sign in). The video details...
  2. DJI_Bob

    DJI Mini 2 - flies, but right rear arm won't fold/rotate to closed position

    I crashed my Mini 2 this past weekend from about 30 feet up. Not terribly hard crash. Anyway, the right rear arm won’t fold back in. The drone flies fine, operates fine, no error messages. I just can’t fold/rotate the arm back in to stow the drone. It feels like it hits a solid stoppage after...
  3. A

    Dji mini 2 back arm does not close

    After falling from hands, the back right arm does not close anymore, but the drone keeps flying as new. Why doesn't it close?
  4. S

    Arm replacement possibly gone wrong

    Problem? I ordered a new front right arm and replaced it and after the operation it turned on fine but I did not fly it. I then turned it on again the next day and I did not get any image transmission and I got a warning in the app saying the load on the gimbal was too much and that I should...
  5. T

    Broken Front Left Arm

    Hello all, I'm new to DJI, having received the Mini 2 as a Christmas present from my kids. I'm having lots of fun with it and finding some business applications, too. Well, today I was flying and it was behaving strangely, really drifting off course - I eventually realized that the arm (just...
  6. K

    Drone got crazy and crashed after RTH! Possible warranty? [log inside]

    Hey everyone! Unfortunately, the worst has happened and my dear Mavic Air 2, only a week old, got crashed... Would like to understand whether I can activate the warranty and other repair options. How it happened: I was flying in the park, open area but with some trees around. I was after 10pm...
  7. M

    MA2 Rear B arm broken, planning to glue it out

    Well, For some reason the drone didn't stop while I was accidentally flying it towards my house wall Usually it stops if an obstacle is sensored but this time it didn't so I "kissed" the wall and fell into my flower pot, and I found it with the tip ripped off. See the pic. I am planning to...
  8. P

    My stupid *** flew into a tree. Broken rear left arm. Need advice :)

    Problem? Broken rear left arm. See link to pictures down belowe. Was unit in a crash? Most definitly. What have you tried so far? Not much, didn't want to try to much before I listened in on with some of the pros. What device are you using ( iphone , ipad, Samsung , etc)? iPhone. What...
  9. jaywilkinson929

    Damaged Mavic Arm Leg - Looking for parts

    Hello, I've damaged the arm leg on my Mavic Pro and am looking for a replacement arm. I've had a google around and found several sources (on eBay etc) selling the Mavic Arm, but it's just the leg which I require. See pictures: Does anyone know where I may be able to find a replacement arm leg...
  10. V

    Rear arm dent

    After flying indoors today, my Mavic crashed into a wall and (fortunately) landed on a sofa with the camera pointing up, so no damage at all aside from some scuffs and small dents on the blades (by the way, are they still ok to use? from what I've read the Mavic can withstand that). My main...