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auto landing

  1. Yaros

    Concerned about AirportAvoidLanding! How can I avoid it?

    Hello! I fly my drone in Mallorca Spain, in the area that doesn't have any no-fly zones nearby (at least 20 km around me) but in December for Christmas I'm going to Alicante, Spain that does have all types of no-fly zones, authorization zones, warning, class D and other stuff. I heard stories...
  2. V

    DJI Mavic Pro auto landed after phone disconnect

    Problem? Mavic Pro landed by itself after phone disconnection. Was unit in a crash? No :) What have you tried so far? Nothing, I just don't know what the problem might be. What device are you using ( iphone , ipad, Samsung , etc)? Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. What firmware are you running (...
  3. I

    Got in panic with police and lost Mavic. Critical battery vs RTH?

    Writing one of those posts I hoped I’d always read and never need to write myself... Driving home on the freeway, saw a really beautiful sunset in a particularly scenic place that ‘needed’ to be filmed. Pulled over on the side of the road and flew the Mavic around for a full battery worth of...
  4. S

    Mavic Pro keeps auto-landing in GPS mode

    Hi all, Just got back from a trip to Bali where my Mavic Pro was playing up and driving me crazy! I was able to fly no problem for 2 days, and on the 3rd, taking off from the exact same spot, my drone kept trying to land straight after take-off.... After trying everything (firmware updates...
  5. D

    Auto Landing & Maps

    Thank you to everyone who has been helping me! I am slowly getting rid of the glitches but I found two more today that I need help with. I was in the park today taking is slow and easy. I pushed the RTH button and instead of returning to home it started to auto land. I pulled the TXT file (that...
  6. K

    auto landing all the time , help

    my mavic was working absolutely perfectly , only 3 weeks old, from last two days it autolands after take off, i have all updated firmware and app, reinstalled and updated, no joy
  7. arciere

    Force landing in 7.7m/s wind?

    Started a mission to take some landscape picts and video with reasonable 3-4 m/s wind, that increased (5-6 m/s) after a short while. Nothing to worry about anyway. Roughly 11:30 minutes from takeoff got the message "Large Wind Velocity. Fly with caution". Some seconds later, while the MP was...