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DJI Mavic Pro auto landed after phone disconnect


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Aug 27, 2017
Mavic Pro landed by itself after phone disconnection.

Was unit in a crash?
No :)

What have you tried so far?
Nothing, I just don't know what the problem might be.

What device are you using ( iphone , ipad, Samsung , etc)?
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.

What firmware are you running ( aircraft, remote controller)?
I'm running the latest firmware (v01.04.0400).

What Go app version are you using?
DJI GO 4 v4.2.21(603-googlePlay)

Any modification?
(if so what)

Did you change anything or install any apps? (if so what)

Do you have a video or pictures of the problem? (if so post link)


Here is the flight log: DJI Flight Log Viewer -

It was a hot day, 30C, and I carried the drone all day in the trunk of my car.
At around 6pm I lifted the drone for a few pictures 10m above. After a few minutes I lost signal on my phone, although RC was working fine (I think it's the third time happening this on the latest software, solution is to restart DJI app). While I was trying to restore phone connection, the drone flew by itself to the home point (at the time I didn't realise what's happening and I tried to stop the drone by pressing pause on RC) and it auto landed, being unable to stop it. And it was quite strange, because it seemed like landing, but just stayed 2m in the air. Then I tried landing it and didn't want to land for a few seconds, and after that it landed safely.

When I folded the drone I noticed the motors were burning hot, I don't know if that's normal because I never checked their temperature, but never happened before.

Anybody has an thoght on what happened?
It clearly lost uplink as well as downlink, and so went to RTH while you were working on the app. It's subsequent behavior was correct. There is no evidence of a motor problem.

The txt log appears to cover the entire flight, apart from during the downlink loss, so presumably you did not restart the app.
It's very strange because I was a few meters away from the drone...
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