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  1. J

    Is it worth getting a drone (for photos) when there are few places to fly in the UK?

    Hello! I am new to this forum and I am looking for some advice and opinions from experienced UK flyers. I have been thinking about buying the Mini 3 Pro to take pictures of pretty and/or dramatic places in the UK. I do not yet own a drone (although I used one with a very short flight time for...
  2. T

    G’day from a Dane Down Under Sydney

    Hi, hej and G’day everyone Very new to flying drones, got a DJ Mini 3 Pro for Christmas, together with my father’n’law who got a Mini 2. We have been flying a little bit, like a few hours here and there. It’s my first time flying or driving anything RC, so getting the hang of the controls...
  3. K

    Noob mistake resulting in crash

    With only 10 flights under my belt, I stupidly set the home point under a hemlock tree. During take off I even had to maneuver around the overhead branch which was about 40' high (should've been my first clue). After a short flight I hit RTH, while it was descending I realized what was about to...
  4. B

    Help with starting Mavic for Agriculture

    Hello Everyone. This is my first post in this community and I am totally new to the drone world. I have cero experience with using drones. I currently need a drone to use for agriculture (a farm that has 3000 hectares). I would like to control the drone from my house (which is not in the farm)...
  5. taboo

    Air 2 Noob, Testing some stuff out

    Hi all, ultra noob here. Been dabbling in photography for the past few years and decided to start getting a bit more into videography and drones. Here's some test footage from my Mavic Air 2, just trying to understand how the 60fps 4k will look. Filmed in normal mode I saturated it a bit and...
  6. this_girl_drones

    New girl in the air ?

    Hiya just wanted to introduce myself…Mini 2 user, been flying since Christmas, absolutely hooked! Based in Worcestershire, UK. Bit of a nervous flyer still, loves sunsets ?
  7. S

    Buy now?

    Hello, I’m a brand new drone pilot(less than 30 min fly time) with a background in photography and I’m looking to enter the drone niche. Initially, I’m thinking of getting into real estate photography and I’d like to explore mapping and surveying in the future. I had first decided to go with...
  8. M

    Newbie looking to buy 1st Drone Advice- I am in Canada this week, but live in the US

    Hey all, My first post here, I'm excited to be a part of the forums. I am getting into drones for the main reason that I do Real Estate, and think it would help my business immensely. I will like to eventually get an Air2s, or the 3 when it comes out in the near future. For now, I am...
  9. yacoob

    Considering a purchase, testing a Spark now. How much of a difference?

    Hello there, knowledgable people :) I've recently got an idea to try aerial photography. No previous drone experience whatsoever, so I've started with my research. DJI lineup looked solid enough, I've started looking closer. My current sweet spot between cost and features is Mavic Air 2. At the...
  10. H

    New pilot

    Hi I’m beginning pilot. I’m located in Crocket Ca. Can anyone tell we’re I can fly in wide space to get used to my air2 ?
  11. J

    First Flights Ever- initial impression is definitely positive

    First Flight ever with a drone, didn't even know how to use activetrack or anything?‍♂️. Second video was a few days later. I feel like it can't be that bad of a drone if its this easy to use and its only $800. The shots you can get can be helicopter status and when you average out the number of...
  12. U

    My first drone video - Mavic Mini

    I have crashed so much, trying to fly my Mavic mini (His name is Max) like an fpv race drone. As of last night, I’m the proud awaiter of all my parts for my first fpv build! I tend to fly and edit a bit different, I generally use premiere but I have found the dji fly app to have a great built-in...
  13. asyrafss

    Hello from Malacca,Malaysia

    Hi all. I'm Asyraf from Malacca, Malaysia. Amateur pilot for mavic 2 Pro. Nice to meet you all. Your advice and opinion about knowledge in operating Mavic 2 Pro and other things is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  14. D

    Drone experiences research - your help needed!

    Hi all, Just bought a drone? Already a professional? A drone enthusiast? Regardless, your help is needed! I am looking for drone/RPAS/UAV pilots and enthusiasts to be a part of research I am undertaking into drone flying practices in the UK. What are the aims of the project? I’m exploring...
  15. ScottishLee

    Mavic 2 Pro/ Zoom Post Processing Software

    Just to get me started, which software is generally accepted as the must-have option for beginners? Kind regards, Scottish Lee.
  16. A

    New pilot to the game! Help please

    You alright guys! I’ve got a dji mavic air. Not sure if any of you lot have had this issue but DJI decided not to provide me with the charging adapter for the remote control! Ridiculous. I’ve had a proper look and removed the adapter thats already attached to the cable, but still nothing...
  17. S

    Recommendation as to suitability

    Hi folks, Looking for some advice on whether the Mavic Air would be a suitable drone as a first purchase for my disabled son. He has no functionality in his right arm so trying to find a drone which is fairly automatic in its operation. I.e auto take off, flight and return using his own...
  18. manoslinh

    Lake Neuchatel for beginners

    Hey! I am just discovering my drone and took this footage around Neuchatel! Feel free to roast me
  19. Mavicluvr

    I have a unique issue!

    My friend and I both have Mavic Pro's. He crashed and damaged his camera. I replaced the camera and gimbal. It works! So he calls me and tells me that his MP will not go over 4 mph. I tell him to turn off beginner mode. So, he gives me his MP to play with to see if I can figure it out. It will...
  20. Saadman1

    Hello from Bangladesh

    Hey everyone, Just picked up a Mavic Air from Bangkok last week and brought it to Bangladesh. Its my first drone ever and I'm loving it. Checking out plenty youtube videos before taking it for a good flight. Hope I can get some support from you guys if I need to know anything. Have a good day!