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  1. D

    Air 2 Shanghai China by Night - skyline cinematic footage 4K

    I hope u like the drone Videos on my YouTube channel :)
  2. mattcoq

    2 Pro Shanghainese Night Flight

    Hi Everyone, Haven't flown much in a city or in Shanghai since a long time ... Not having the opportunity to get out of town recently, I decided to give it a go with the great visibility and weather conditions. Had a blast and great flight (as well as editing) Though, I noticed that...
  3. thepharoah

    Hello from Sydney

    Just learnt to pilot the Mavic Air in remote China whilst on holidays and managed to edit some videos together so sharing some of the beauty of this very remote part of country
  4. L

    Beijing Drone Pilot Wanted

    Luftaufnahmen - Drohnen Dienstleistungen von FairFleet Hi everyone, My name is Lara and I'm working for the drone-network "FairFleet" I'm searching for a pilot who could fly for a charity marathon at the chinese wall on the 11th of may 2019. This is a budgeted project. If you are interested...
  5. D

    DJI inspection in China - feedback on internet looks scary

    Hi everyone. The gimbal on my MA is sticky on the roll - it gets a bit stuck off axis, not good for the shots i want. There is no care refresh package available in my region, the authorised repair center has sent the drone logs in, and DJI has advised that they want the drone sent to them for...
  6. K

    Travelling Within China

    Hey everyone I was wondering if anyone has experience travelling within China with their drone on domestic flights. I have family that go often and one of my cousins had a bunch of camera lenses confiscated when flying domestically. I haven't heard of any problems for people flying in...
  7. jens jensen

    Megacity Shenzhen

    Here are some impressions from my last trip to China, all pictures were taken with the Mavic Air and the OSMO Mobile 2.
  8. RobertJC

    Another new Mavic Air Pilot joins the crew

    Hi all, Got my MA a little while ago and done about 74 flights. UAV reports highest altitude of 97.6m and a longest flight time of 14m08s, max speed 61.38 km/h and longest kilometrage 1,741 m. I have kept up to VLOS and been no farther than 362m. Shot some video in the Netherlands and China and...
  9. A

    DJI Care Refresh country lock

    Since I'm a noob pilot in Macau, and I feel like I must get DJI Care, would it be more convenient to buy the DJI Care from China or Hong Kong. The difference is that if I buy it in China I have to ship it to China if I crash the drone, which would be cheaper, but in Hong Kong it's much easier to...
  10. S

    Stuck registering drone for China

    I am in China and will try to fly my drone in a remote area soon. I have followed the instructions at this link. You Now Have to Register Your Drone in China, Here's How Most of it works althrough there are some subtle differences already in the form (i don't get asked about the multirotor...
  11. Prismatic

    Data security and DJI

    There are several threads about the DJI Assistant 2 software being flagged--by several different virus scanners--as infected. (That concern is largely countered with "Norton sucks!", "False positive!", "They're working on it.", and similar arguments.) But in these times, what would be the...
  12. A

    UAV Regulation Macau

    Most Macanese drone pilots should know that in Macau if you don't have a special license it isn't legal to fly above 30m (98.5 ft). Is there any problem if someone flies above the limit (50m for example)? I'm a beginner with the "luck" of living in a place where drone rules are very strict...
  13. O

    Layover in China

    On my way to the Maldives and have a 19-hour Layover in China. Will I have any issues with my drone during my layover in China?
  14. D

    See the beauty of China

    On a recent trip, I saw China and fell in love with Yunnan Province. My wife and I had no idea how to get around so we took each day as it came. We ended up on some pretty long hikes and bus rides, but it all was worth it. Tell me if you know some of the locations :D I'll be editing a few...
  15. Domaenico

    A Mavic in Taiwan

    Hi Mavic pilots, after several months not flying I finally had the chance to use the Mavic during my trip to Taiwan in June. Hope you like the video. Of course I am open for any kind of comments and criticism, thats what the forum is made for :D Greetings from Germany, Dom
  16. mamitagadventures


    Enjoy this travel video on our adventure sailing on the Yangtze River, from Chongquing to Yichang, China. I haven't seen very many drone flights and video captures on the this river. Being on a cruise ship and seeing a different side of china was unbelievable and truly magical. The Yangtze River...
  17. szh

    Regulations in China as of June 2017

    Are foreigners allowed to bring drones to China and to fly them? There were several reports that since June 1st, 2017 drone registration is compulsory in China. How does this new rule affect foreigners? How and where can drones be registered? Is it possible without a Chinese ID? I was not...
  18. S

    Buying Mavic/Spark in China

    Dear Mavic Pilots all over the world, I'm thinking about buying my first drone when I'm going to visit a friend in China in August. I read that DJI products are cheaper in China, but I'd like to know how much and where to buy. Should I just order it online and let it be delivered to my friend...
  19. timesnaps

    Mavic Pilots - China (Mainland)

    As I be heading to Beijing soon (where I be for the foreseeable future) I thought I give it a headstart and see if there are any Beijing or China based pilots out there, that like to share ideas, thoughts and information for flying and aerial photography in China. Happy to meetup too of course.