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Air 2 2021 Chinese New Year | a girl walk in china | Chongqing Three Gorges Square |

... The only possible store of interest at circa 39:55 was the DJI store, and you walked right on past it without even a quick glance! Leave me out .
Good Spot Thumbswayup
Maybe she'll have a drone following her though the malls in future vids
Well, to be fair, the Osmo video does fit on this particular forum, though I was confused by the "AIR 2" header in the title. I don't see anything that looks like drone footage.

As for the video itself, I think I might be bored by a 40 minute video walking through any city without some commentary or annotation to give some context.

Just my opinion....
Hahaha, sorry everyone, I am using a pocket 2, drone which I have not purchased yet. I will buy a drone to shoot video for you as soon as possible, thank you all.???
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