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  1. enodog

    Can anyone tell me what went wrong?

    Hello, I was flying today in very light wind and my drone went crazy at 2 times during the short flight. The flight logs are attached does anyone know what went wrong? Luckily my 4 years of drone experience took over and i was able to land without a scratch but it was scary. -Liam M. (enodog)...
  2. Ghost_ATX

    What is your funniest/craziest/scariest drone rescue story (tree, water, mountain, etc.)

    I doubt anyone will be able to top zaceshighz's cargo ship rescue (epic!), but I'm curious to know what lengths folks have gone to in order to rescue their Mavics when they've lost them or gotten them stuck somewhere. I was once stopped and questioned by police for standing on the hood of my...
  3. L

    Mavic Gimbal Calibration- GIMBAL WENT CRAZY??

    Hey guys, new mavic pilot here. in real need of your help. i just bought my Mavic a few days ago, never even flew it once. just fired it up and updated firmware. today, i calibrated it’s IMU and everything was ok. then i moved on to calibrate it’s gimbal. i clucked gimbal auto calibration...
  4. ThreeGs

    Litchi 4.1.2 on Android 6.0.1 Waypoint Mission Gimbal Problems [SOLVED]

    I have been running Litchi on my Nexus 7 for most of the year with no problems. I have a waypoint mission that I have been running regularly and all has been perfect. Then I upgraded the tablet to Android 6.0.1. The last time I ran my mission the gimbal kept running up and down repeatedly. It...
  5. S

    JAPAN 4K

    Spent 500+ hours making this (no joke). Please let me know what you think :)
  6. ballitogb

    Super Weird Crash broke my gimbal back support

    Whats up Pilots, I need help with this issue, I took my Mavic Pro for a short flight I wanted to get a nice building at night but as soon as it lifted up it went crazy I couldn't control it and it did some kind of flip and flew backwards and it hit a wall. can someone help me figure this thing...