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  1. roflyer

    Mini 3 NEW RAINFOREST CRUISE - The magic of Amazon

    NEW RAINFOREST CRUISE - The magic of Amazon Navigating the waters of the Rio Negro aboard the Karuguá!! With dedicated hosts taking care of every detail, you will enjoy not only the breathtaking scenery of the Anavilhanas Archipelago, but also an impeccable gastronomic experience. The magic...
  2. roflyer

    Mini 3 AMAZON EXPEDITION, aboard a luxury sailboat!

    I used my DJI Avata, Mini3 Pro and Osmo Action to capture this amazing expedition aboard the MV Desafio! Explore the hidden wonders of the Amazon with us in this video! Join us aboard the luxury sailboat MV Desafio as we sail for 4 days along the winding rivers of the region. Admire the majestic...
  3. K

    Video (including aerial) of the biggest cruise ship in the world leaving Port of Miami (Symphony of the Seas)

  4. desertvet38

    "Norwegian Dawn" Cruise Ship

    This giant, "Norwegian Dawn" was moored in Tampa Bay this afternoon, so I had to get my DJI Mavic Pro 2, and head out to get some video of this monster. She's a gorgeous ship, and is sailing under the flag of Bahamas. She is a whopping 1092.51' in length and 125' in width. My wife and I have...
  5. mikey201

    drone on cruise (holland cruise line)

    going on a cruise in a few months to the caribbean . really want to bring my mavic on bored . obviously wouldnt use it on the ship but when i get to the port . anybody have any experience with holland? i know carnival lets u bring it on . some other lines take it but give it to you everytime u...
  6. Majestic Petition: Cruise Companies, please reconsider the ban on bringing Drones aboard

    If you cruise and want to be able to use your drone at ports of call then please sign and help us send a message to the cruise lines. Currently, many cruise lines ban bringing drones onboard. That means you can't use it at any ports of call on your itinerary. I whole heartedly understand the...
  7. Viper

    MAVIC PRO - Royal Caribbean (Permitted)

    My wife and I went on 7day cruise on Harmony Of the Seas. Every port of call I had a different security officer who retrieved Mavic Pro. They they proceeded to call the port agent which I had to speak with after using a few Drone-anomics he says " oh you know the rules have fun" LOL Heres some...
  8. markyodo

    Flying at cruise destinations?

    Heading on a Carnival cruise in July. I want to take a Mavic with us and shoot some video at our destination ports. Is there a website or has someone done any research on the rules and regulations for this? There's lots of drone video posted for vacationing in other countries but I haven't...
  9. iamjohnbamber

    Bringing a Drone on a Royal Caribbean Cruise

    Just wondering if anyone here has had success with taking a cruise (specifically) on Royal Caribbean with a drone? The only thing I've seen from them is that they're not allowed while on the ship, but I've heard they will allow you to bring them on and check them in with ship's security, and...