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  1. KristofferR

    Mavic Air 2 died in the air, damaged what to do next?

    I have a Mavic Air 2. 50km flight total and 425 minutes. Really enjoy flying it both shooting photo and LOS. Yesterday did a shoot of a family event and when I was done “tripodding” I went to sport mode and went around to make a pass by in front of everyone. The drone just stopped working mid...
  2. M


    Hello all - I've had my Mavic 2 Pro for about a week, and had my first terrifying moment. While showing off my Mavic, I got a bit too cocky and left it in sport mode, so O.A. was off. I bumped my Mavic into my very solid BBQ grill, causing the right front arm to fold back just enough so that...
  3. P

    First crash mini

    Good afternoon, I had my first crash with the mini hit a metal culvert and flew into water (what luck!)had no luck left the drone in rice for an hour then opened the battery hatch and let the water leak out now I have two error messages had a bit where I snapped in the battery door but the...
  4. A

    Before i fly

    Hello everybody ? I recently bought a mavic mini after learning how to use a drone on my tello ( which is the funniest drone ever ?) Before i fly it tomorrow, i updated it, recharged all the batteries , but i noticed something weird in one of the props, it seems damaged even though the drone is...
  5. E90RAW


    Ok, I just have to vent. I crashed my M2Z last night. I was out with my M2P and the M2Z and it was getting dark. One last run is what I said to myself. Then, over the trees (I thought) and BAAM! Flight log stated "YOUR AN IDIOT!!" The rear arm broke off, et cetera. Like one of my kids getting...
  6. PhoenixBird

    The Gillespie Dam

    Constructed circa 1920 by a local rancher Frank Gillespie, this concrete gravity dam located on the Gila River between the towns of Buckeye and Gila Bend, Arizona, failed unexpectedly in 1993. Heavy runoff from a series of storms caused the river to overflow, and created a big gap in the...
  7. F

    Mavic Air: Front leg crash damage

    First time poster. Recently crashed my Mavic Air and have some damage that looks repairable. Problem? Front right leg is intact but the plastic component that holds it to the arm is cracked. The leg no longer snaps into place when extended and wobbles. I am also unsure of the tool to remove...
  8. G

    Crashed my new Mavic Pro, please help me repair it

    I’ve crashed my Mavic Pro an hour ago. I thought I would never do any damage to it, so I wanted to save the money and I didn’t buy the DJI Care Refresh. Looks like my skills are not as good as I’ve thought... The gimbal plate is bent and broken, flat ribbon is cut. The silver cable and camera...
  9. D

    Intelligent Flight Battery Damage

    I have a question and am hoping some of you have had a similar scenario or the right technical knowledge and can advise. I crashed my mavic. The battery that was in the drone at the time received some damage to the back side. Also the bottom, where the SN and other info is labeled, has what I...
  10. G

    Gimbal damage, repair costs

    Hello everyone. Yesterday I crashed my Mavic Pro, and the gimbal got damaged. The motors work, the camera captures, but it wont respond to my tilting commands, and I get that "gimbal motor overload" warning. I checked if the gimbal is in place, and it is. Anyway, I took it to my local oficial...
  11. J

    Very minor crash - diagnostics

    Good afternoon, I just purchased a MavicPro yesterday. Unfortunately, I made a newbie error. I got too close to a tree and the propellers clipped some of the very small (pencil thin) branches. The drone spun around a bit but then righted itself and I was able to land safely. There doesn't...
  12. Haloweenhamster

    what's your worst damage?

    what's the worst damage you have inflicted on your mavic by crashing it? Not a crash I had but bought, I thought that you can't be sure if a second hand drone has been crashed so why not buy one that's cheaper as the seller is being honest, saying that. I didn't expect the gimbal to be so...
  13. D


    Flew low over a salt water river the other day and am concerned I got some spray in the drone. I took the bottom cover off and this is what I saw: IMG_5005 by Dunial posted Aug 13, 2017 at 2:30 PM Does anyone have a photo of there motherboard? Is this normal?
  14. O

    Looking for DJI Care Refresh reviews

    Looking at buying DJI Care Refresh, and am looking for reviews. Is it worth it? Is there a lot of hassle? Do they refuse to repair some things? Mavic manufactured March 17 I fly over lots of water, some of which the mavic would be unrecoverable if it went down.
  15. H

    Pretty bad crash... Camera completely detached

    OK, storytime. I was showing off at my friend's house (1.25km from mine, where I was flying from) flying pretty low and hovering some. I hadn't flown in a while, and all my batteries were around 60%, so it was a series of short flights to and from. The last flight, I was hovering for as long as...
  16. I

    no video, blackscreen no recording

    i have crashed my mavic 10 day ago, i update and downgrade but nothing happens please help!!
  17. NOLA-J

    I think I damaged my controller

    Don't pull the sticks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw a few forums about people removing the controller sticks and I wanted to give it a try. Lots of people have posted that they can be removed with ease, or slight force. Well...I pulled to hard. I cannot remove mine. I went with some...