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  1. M

    Mini 2 Quick Shot Footage

    Hi guys, I’m quite new to this drone stuff and I got a Mavic Mini 2 for Xmas and have been having great fun with it. One of the features I love are the quick shots however when I go to load them in the app I can’t see any of the quick shots I’ve taken. I can see the regular videos and photos but...
  2. Augustus

    DJI Fly App acting strange

    Been having issues with DJI fly app. Anybody have this same problem?
  3. Watash48

    Flight Simulator

    Greetings, I have received the following information from a friend concerning using the DJI app with my Mavic 2 Pro controller/iPhone to the HDMI input of my HDTV to view on my big screen. "Concerning viewing the DJI app. The are several approaches that you can use. With respect to the flight...
  4. A

    Airmap vs Hover Vs B4UFly Vs DJI Go App

    I'm a newbie if you haven't noticed., So which is the one to go with? Airmap shows more 'do not fly zones' and orange circles than others basically makes me feel like I should return my drone It includes every single airport in the area (large to tiny. Hover gives me the most hope. B4UFly is...
  5. Eddy_B

    Complete blackout on screen.

    Well, my 4th flight this year was a bit of an event. I was about 2 minutes into the flight when suddenly my screen went totally black. I've flown about 130 times now and this had never happened before. The Mavic was about 50 meters away from me but behind some trees so I couldn't see it. I...
  6. donatas1

    Fishing ship in Iceland.Drone Flight From Iceland.(DJI PHANTOM 3 4K )
  7. P

    How to quickly format SD Card with DJI app and Mavic Pro?

    Hi everyone, I made a quick 30 seconds video about how to format the SD card using the DJI app on mavic pro. I hope, you find it helpful, Phil
  8. B

    DJI App incoming Aircraft Detection warning message!!!

    Anyone seen this YouTube video, appearing to show the DJI App with warning messages related to Aircraft Detection. The video shows the first warning, "Another aircraft is approaching. Descend as soon as possible" warning message in the DJI App, it also shows a new icon on the header bar with...
  9. J

    Change aspect ratio in DJI GO App

    I just got my Mavic and have been using it with my Galaxy S8 and it has been working flawlessly. I have however a concern: It's the fact that I have problems reaching the edges (left/right in landscape) of the screen when it's mounted on the RC. I've seen videos of a S8+ on youtube and the App...
  10. T

    Can I use New Update Offline?

    Hi! I am planning to go hiking soon in a remote region that does NOT have cell phone reception. I want to take my mavic pro with me to get some cool footage. I got the update notification yesterday and I am sort of confused about whether I will be able to use my mavic when I do not have an...
  11. alexcannas

    DJI GO4 Cached video inaccessible

    Hi guys, I've got a problem with my DJI GO 4.0.6 app on Android. It doesn't show the cached video in the Editor. When I browse to the DJI_RECORD folder, MP4 video files are there, but they cannot be opened. Photos do show up in the editor. Any ideas? It was fine before the latest update, I...
  12. Nash

    "DJI GO" for Mac/PC?

    Is there such thing as a "DJI GO" for the Mac Appstore? (or at least some third-party softwares/apps that allow you to do that) I was thinking about something that could stream the live feed from the Mavic Pro (or other DJI drones) to a larger screen (like a Mac or a PC), without making it...
  13. J

    DJI App not connecting to remote

    I have a question. I'm running with a Nexus 7 as my device. I have it setup so I don't have to remove the Nexus 7 from the controller when I store it (since it's such a tight fit). But, every time I start up the controller with the MP also running, since nothing auto starts on my device, I try...


    Hey Guys. So I have just started a 5 week trip through Canada (from Australia) and my Mav bricked 2 days before I left. Urgent help needed. This is a bit of a follow on (with extra issues) from: Controller 'Connecting' This is what has happened: * Gimbal "overload error" and won't stay still...
  15. Achilles

    Waypoint Mission - Smooth Transitions Between Waypoints

    Ok, looking for info from the Mavic Brain Trust. I've been using DJI's GSP and setting up waypoint missions but what I can't figure out is the following: Say I have a 10 point mission setup. How can I get the Mavic to fly through each point without stopping, so the flight is smooth and...