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dji fly

  1. Y

    User-downloadable geo-fencing database ?

    Just before Christmas, there was an update to DJI Fly. The message popping up to inform about the update said something that I understood as user-downloadable geo-fencing database in the EASA area. Has anybody else noticed such a message ? I tried to find the release notes of the DJI Fly, but...
  2. Dolmatian

    Porting flight path from DJI Fly over to a georeferenced mapping software like Avenza Maps

    Hello, I'm currently using a DJI Phantom 3 Pro for work, doing photography and GPS tracking, and would like to be able to port the flight path from the DJI Fly app over to a mapping software, like Avenza Maps. Would there be a way to port the flight path information over to a different mapping...
  3. js47

    Feature Removed? "Find My Drone" Landing Videos

    The automatically recorded landing videos viewable in the "Find My Drone" section of the DJI Fly app suddenly stopped updating for me a few months ago. I have been back and forth with DJI support about it multiple times now. Today, they finally told me that the 10-second automatically recorded...
  4. photodm

    trouble transferring fly safe geo zone unlock to drone

    Hello. I have a scheduled shoot near a small rural airport (used for ultralights) tomorrow and have made the necessary request for a geo zone unlock. It was granted and shows up on my iphone DJI Fly app. I cannot get it to transfer to my Air 3. I would like to know how to do this from my office...
  5. Yaros

    Very buggy experience with Air 2S only one day.

    A strange situation happened with my friend's Air 2S and my Air 2 while we were flying together. Maybe someone can explain why this could have happened. We both turn on drones, put them on the ground, wait for GPS lock, and try to take off. My drone starts to fly away after takeoff, almost...
  6. C

    Android 13 tracking/spotlight/poi issues

    Hard to tell which forum to put this in as hard to tell where the problem lies. Is anyone using Android 13 or a Pixel 7 phone and experiencing issues with any of the intelligent "drag a box" modes? The instant i do that live feed freezes and only updates once every 5-10 seconds. All overlays...
  7. C

    DJI Fly / Android 13 Devices / POI and Tracking

    Anyone else noticing an issue with Android 13 devices (mine is a Pixel 7 pro) and DJI Fly on anything using POI/Active track? Ive replicated this on 2 devices now. Ultimately the second you draw a box to select a target the live feed freezes and receives only jerky updates every 10-15 seconds...
  8. V

    What does this status mean?

    I know the basics APAS status, but I'm curious about the missing triangles in those 2 and I couldn't find anything about it. Is the sideways flight half disabled 😅? The symbol alternates between those 2 every second. Dji Fly + Air 2s + RC-N1 Thanks!
  9. R

    Cannot find my Asteroid files on SD card or internal drive

    Hi everyone! First I would like to say how much I enjoy this forum and how much I appreciate the experience and advice of all the members who participate in it. I recently took a number of Asteroid movies using the DJI Fly app and my Air 2S. I cannot locate the files for these on either the SD...
  10. P

    dji fly app doesn't work with Samsung s8+

    i ve downloaded the dji fly app with but I wasn't able to install it completely on my Samsung s8+ (android9) ?????? it just says "App wasn't installed" ??!?!
  11. Yaros

    Pixel 6 & DJI Fly - will it work?

    I'm planning to buy the Google Pixel 6 next month and would like to know if it would work with DJI Fly. I'm asking mainly because I know that when it released, there were some problems with DJI Fly not working with this phone, and now there are still some issues with S22 Ultra running Android...
  12. Yaros

    Worse signal with DJI Fly 1.6.8

    Today I did a test flight from the rooftop of my apartment, the place I always fly from and test drones for range. I am using the latest DJI Fly 1.6.8 and Mavic Air 2, I'm getting worse range compared to older versions of DJI Fly. Does anyone have the same issues with the new app version?
  13. Yaros

    New menu in DJI Fly - Remote ID Settings!

    I assume that this is mostly for Japan as the release notes indicate, but I saw this while flying, and I'm not in Japan, does that mean I need to put my Operator Number in that box too? There are no Remote ID Laws in Spain until 2024 to my knowledge. When I click on it:
  14. M

    DJI Fly won't run

    I just upgraded from Mavic Air to Mavic Air 2 and I can't get any of my Androids to run DJI FLy. My phone is the one that should be most likely to run it. It's a Samsung Galaxy S20 G5 running Android 12 with current patches 3.6 of 8GB RAM is in use. DJI FLy was not presented in the Google Play...
  15. Yaros

    Litchi vs. DJI Fly - the good and the bad of each app

    Hello, I bought Litchi a month ago and was trying some stuff like waypoints and orbiting, I also used DJI Fly for some other stuff like tracking and flying manually. Here is what I noticed: DJI Fly: Very good for regular manual flying has easy camera adjustments with the new 1.5.9 update...
  16. Yaros

    My Feature Request on DJI Fly - link to DJI Forum

    Hello, I made a feature request on DJI Official Forum, I'm posting the link here because I want to know what people think about the idea.
  17. Yaros

    Will Litchi mess up my current settings?

    I am about to get started with Litchi and have a simple question. I have all of my settings configured in DJI Fly (Mavic Air 2), all safety, control and camera settings. Will these settings sync when I open litchi or will they change to some Litchi's default ones? I don't plan to use Litchi all...
  18. Yaros

    DJI Fly vs Litchi - is it worth it ?

    I have been using the DJI Fly app for 5 months now and got used to it pretty quickly with my Mavic Air 2. However I have seen people saying that the Litchi app is better in some ways, is that true? What are the advantages / disadvantages of both apps? I know litchi has waypoints, that's...
  19. T

    New Mini 2 owner, need help!

    Hi all, I am a new owner of a DJI Mini 2 and I am having trouble with the DJI Fly app as I am sure a few others may be experiencing. It does not appear in the google play store when searching, so after doing a bit of web surfing, I went directly to the DJI website and downloaded the app directly...
  20. Yaros

    How I fixed video feed lag at one specific place

    This is an interesting situation I got into some days ago when I was flying. Here is how it went, the problem and the solution I found! I went to a beach to fly my mavic air 2, get some footage of the sea and the area in general. It was my first time flying in that area. Launched the drone from...