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  1. T

    Transferring video back to DJI go app for editor

    Shot 4K video on Dji Go ap, iPhone X, Osmo 2, transferred to iMac and deleted. i wanted to use as quick reference from the autoedit video that remained in the Editor>create tab. However short of playing iin the app, i cant generate a video , or change anything, as the originals were...
  2. Y

    Dji Go 4 app on iPhone X problem

    Hi, I have a Mavic Air. While my iPhone conected to the controller and I enter the intelligent flight modes I can see only 8 icon (missing waypoints for example), and at the moment I disconcets the iPhone from the controller cable, the screen shows just the only 5 phone pairing intelligent...
  3. hherbson

    Reasonably priced Droid phone review/survey for DJI 4.1.3 & NEWER

    Hello, < feel free to skip to section II for survey criteria if you don't want to read all this > MOTHER THREAD Section I I've spent the past few months trying to get my existing Android phones to run the DJI Go app without crashing, and have learned much in the process. It turns out the...
  4. G

    Android 9 Pie

    Probably more useful in here as its Go4 related... Android 9 Pie got sneakily released last night. Ive just done some test flights on my Pixel 2 XL and all seems to work perfectly. No issues detected.
  5. S

    Android 9 Pie with DJI Go

    Hey, so after reading some reviews from the play store regarding the DJI Go app having issues with the beta version of Android 9, has anyone tried the full release yet? (It was only released yesterday mind) But if anyone has any recommendations or is willing to try it please let me know, as I...
  6. S

    Samsung S6 Edge Versus Samsung S6 Edge Plus

    Hi all, A pleasure having just joined! Just got my DJI Mavic Air and can't wait to put it to action. Wanted to ask which if and which one works better with the DJI Mavic Air....Samsung S6 Edge or S6 Edge+ ? Apps....DJI Go or DJI Go 4? Thanks in advance. O
  7. thebigbaddan

    LG G7

    Anyone have the LG G7? Thinking of upgrading my LG G6 for that super bright screen... 700 nits, can spike to 1000 nits for 3 minutes.... My LG G6 screen cracked, so I either need to repair it, or just put that cheddar towards a new phone.
  8. 5

    DJI Go 3.1.1 APK?

    Hi, So I have just picked up a Mavic Pro. Having done plenty of reading on this excellent forum, I am looking to pick up a firmware version that will work with the tablet I have. I have a brand new Galaxy A6 Tab (SM-T280) with nothing installed it is literally fresh out of the box. My...
  9. M

    Switching between DJI & Litchi...Settings

    Anyone else have the problem of when going between these two apps, settings being reversed back to the default? Example, when I use Litchi it turns my status LEDs off everytime, then in DJI I have to go back and turn them back on. Also, my Fn and C2 shortcuts for the Mavic Air are reverted back...
  10. G

    Coast-to-coast offline map option?

    Hey! New to the forum. Hope everyone's enjoying their spring flight plans! I just picked up the Mavic Air and I went the route of a second mobile phone (Huawei Ascend XT, no SIM, optimized) instead of my current cellphone, which was a pain to link up with the controller (connection is dodgy...
  11. Y

    Problems Switching between DJI GO and DroneDeploy apps on Android

    Hi guys, has anyone else been having trouble switching between control apps? If I use one app, the default plug-and-play connection becomes set to that app. eg, if I use DJI GO, if I then want to use DroneDeploy on the next flight, I find I need to flush the phone's cache and manually reset...
  12. D

    App wont connect please help!

    Hello I have flown my mavic pro probably 100 times with my Note 8 android. Yesterday, the app wouldnt connect to the RC. RC connects fine to the Mavic. typically this resolves by resetting my phone, trying a different cord, powering on and off... I have tried all of these, also uninstalled the...
  13. R

    DJI GO unusable today

    DJI GO doesn't seem to work today. It crashes on my iPhone after a few seconds, every time. I've restarted my phone a day still doesn't fix it. Just opening the app, not connected to the RC, and the app still crashes after a few seconds. Forced to use Litchi, but it seems it doesn't have any...
  14. McSapi7

    newest DJI GO 4 app freezes on Xiaomi Redmi 4X, solution??

    excuse me, im new here, but i just wanna share my newbie experience as fist time drone owner LOL : i just bought my new Mavic Pro yesterday, then as instructed i download DJI GO 4 app for android phone (ver. 4.1.15) from google play, but after i download the app won't start on my phone (Xiaomi...
  15. J

    Change aspect ratio in DJI GO App

    I just got my Mavic and have been using it with my Galaxy S8 and it has been working flawlessly. I have however a concern: It's the fact that I have problems reaching the edges (left/right in landscape) of the screen when it's mounted on the RC. I've seen videos of a S8+ on youtube and the App...
  16. U

    Experiencing Android is slower than iOS?

    the DJI GO 4 app. I have both Android Xperia Z3+ vs iPhone 6s I found out that my Z3+ after been using for few minutes it starts to lagging. Does that happen to other Android?
  17. G

    Controller Calibration - how?

    My mavic has developed a constant, slow, smooth left yaw. IMU, compass and other calibrations are good. In the controller config i can see a slight left bar from the top of the square so its leading me to believe i need to calibrate the controller. The problem is, i can't.... Controller is...
  18. jontracey

    Recording HUD from DJI Go App - using iOS

    Hi Guys I got a lot of questions about how I recorded the screen of hte DJI go app using iOS from my last video, my method is a little clunky and I am fully aware you can do this using the iOS 11 Beta or the Litchi app but wanted to put my solution out there incase anyone wants to try it. Its...
  19. Turning off the voice audio prompts

    Hey everyone, Does anyone know if it is possible to turn off the voice assistance from the DJI go app? I'm referring to the female voice that tells you when the home point has been recorded among other things. Also, is there a fix for the controller's beeping sounds? Is there a way to lower...
  20. J

    Video cache iCloud sync

    Hi. Just got my Mavic 2 days ago and loves my it. Have synced my logs (having lost my first days flights) now my iCloud storage is almost full. If I have synced are the videos stored on DJI servers and can I turn off iCloud backup or is it just the flight logs?? Thanks for help. Ps for some...