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  1. S

    Mavic Mini Pro 4 advice

    Greetings all, Now that I have sold my wonderful Mavic Mini Pro 3, I am ready to upgrade to the Pro 4. But the this time, I am considering a return to the RC-N2 controller because I want to use programmable apps and other 3rd party apps that I could not use with the DJI RC on my Pro 3. Is...
  2. T

    "Before You Fly" problem.

    I have the Air 3 with the RC 2 and I've updated to the latest firmware. When I tap on "Before You Fly" it comes up with this bar as shown in the image below. Is anyone else getting this? Thanks.
  3. CieloImaging

    Issue with Mini 3 Pro, Shipped in a Week vs Mini 4 Pro Now?

    Hi all. When I bought my Mini 3 Pro almost a year ago at Best Buy with the Fly More Combo Plus, I also added the Best Buy TotalTech protection plan and it has been great (my first M3P had a power defect and they literally grabbed a new one from the shelf and exchanged it for the defective one)...
  4. T

    This is how to get HDMI output on DJI RC

    I made this proof of concept video to explain how to connect external HDMI screen on DJI RC.
  5. Fdnyfish

    SOLD: DJI Mavic 3 & DJI RC brand new never used w extras $1900

    I have the following for sale as a complete package. Brand New DJI Mavic 3 Drone Brand New DJI RC Brand New Hard Carry Case 4 Extra Props 3 Batteries (all with less than 15 charges) Power Block Multi Charger ND Filter Set USB-C Cable 18 Months of DJI Refresh Price is $1900 via Paypal and...
  6. F

    SOLD** DJI Mavic 3 with DJI RC, ND filters, wide angle lens

    This sold on 5/14/23 Hi, I am selling a well cared for Mavic 3. The only reason I am selling it is because I just received my Mavic 3 pro. The drone is in perfect condition and perfect working order. The camera is in good working order and the gimbal works great without issue as well. I am...
  7. K

    DJI RC Control Stick Module Replacement & Partial Disassembly Video

    So my DJI RC took a fall and the thumbstick jammed way down into the unit and was non functional. There aren't any videos or step by step guides for the RC tear down, so I followed a forum post here on this website and filmed my repair/replacement. There's more details about everything, but if...
  8. Simonkan

    Upgrade to the ALIENTECH DUO II: Leave Beginner Mode Behind.

    The ALIENTECH DUO II is a potent and adaptable signal booster that can help your DJI drone's wireless signal have a longer range and be more stable. This dual-band signal booster has a transmission gain of 28-30 dBi and a receiving gain of 23-25 dB, and it is compatible with the 2.4 and 5.8 GHz...
  9. S

    Mavic Mini 3 Pro and the new DJI RC - Significant limitations?

    When I ordered my DJI Mavic Mini Pro 3, I was excited about the DJI RC... I really wanted to eliminate the hassle of attaching my phone to the DJI remote control, so I thought that the DJI RC was going to be a cool upgrade. But now I am rethinking the wisdom of this "upgrade." These are the...
  10. blackomega

    Mini 3 DJI RC Location services

    Had an issue with my mini 3 recently. I know that the DJI RC has built in GPS as i was able to update my home point on the fly in the past. Noticed after the recent update while trying to update home point to the RC gps an error message popped up saying i had to enable location services. Can...
  11. A

    DJI RC or iPhone 7+

    Hello, so i’m considering a DJI RC but i’d really rather save $180 AUD when I have a functioning phone, but as my phone is considerably old (dji lists it as not supported even though the app works as far as I can tell) the CPU, RAM, and battery might not be pleasant or good enough (I don’t want...