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Mavic Mini Pro 4 advice


May 19, 2020
Greetings all,

Now that I have sold my wonderful Mavic Mini Pro 3, I am ready to upgrade to the Pro 4.

But the this time, I am considering a return to the RC-N2 controller because I want to use programmable apps and other 3rd party apps that I could not use with the DJI RC on my Pro 3.

Is this still true with the latest model?

If I purchase the model with the RC-N2, I will want to purchase a dedicated screen (so I don’t tie up my phone), does it matter if I choose iOS or Android? In the past, I heard that the Android app is garbage (doesn’t make sense b/c the DJI RC is Android based).

Thank you. :)
does it matter if I choose iOS or Android?
DJI Fly runs just fine on both operating systems if you have a powerful enough device.

Which operating system is best for you? Likely the operating system you're most comfortable with.

There are lots of Android devices to pick from, so it's easy to pick a device that doesn't work well if your sole goal is to buy an inexpensive device. Pick a model DJI supports or a comparable model released in the past year or two and you should be fine.
Thank you, msinger.

I’ll more likely purchase an Android because it will cost a lot less to get a current’ish model compared to iPhone. Or maybe a mini tablet?

Thank you for the link.
The DJI SDK (needed for third party app makers) seems to be only supporting Android nowadays... can be a factor if you want to use other apps than DJI Fly to control a Mini 4 Pro in the future (when & if DJI decides to release the SDK for it).
I have the mini 3 pro and just bought a mini 4 pro, Have dedicated ipad mini 5 for dji fly and it works great, also occasionally use on my S22 ultra, also works flawlessly.
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