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  1. akdrone

    DJI Support Comment

    After noting that my gimble continued a downward movement even after releasing my finger from the scroll wheel (after looking downward a bit using my Mav3) I sent my drone and controller to DJI upon their request. They returned a new drone but the same controller. The issue was not fixed...
  2. JoeGiral

    Not good news: Chinese dronemaker DJI makes sweeping cuts

    News: Chinese dronemaker DJI makes sweeping cuts :oops:
  3. JoeGiral

    M2P videos keep stopping: smart controller goes to home screen

    I've read similar posts but find it frustrating that I can't resolve this. I bought a Mavic 2 pro and smart controller about a month ago with few if any problems. Since the last firmware update, the video STOPS RECORDING within 15 seconds and controller goes to 'go fly' screen. Over and over...
  4. G

    Mavic 2 Pro swollen battery - DJI's misleading support

    I had a swollen Mavic 2 Pro battery purchased directly from DJI with only 46 charge-cycles on it. I contacted DJI support and opened a ticket, and provided photos. Given the number of people stating they have swollen battery issues, it seemed reasonable to request support from DJI. I stated up...
  5. F

    Mavic Mini Stalling regularly, Please help! Link in the description

    Hey guys, I have a little over 200 safe flights on my Mini and for a while now I've been dealing with a little issue that is puzzling me. My Mini for no apparent reason will often stall, and twist horizontally and then return. This has been happening quite often. I Always calibrate my drone...
  6. J

    Mavic air controller beeping due to stick issue

    Hi, When using my mavic air, when I push the right stick forward, the drone moves front and goes higher. When I push the right stick backwards, the drone moves back and down. I switched off the drone and saw the values in the calibration screen. When I push the right stick alone, it shows 100%...
  7. L

    My First Experience with DJI Customer Service Turns Out to Be Great

    My recent experience with my Mavic 2 pro almost made me traumatized. But, thanks to the Dji customer service who came right on time to save the situation, I was quickly at ease. This was actually the first time I’d had to deal with a malfunctioning drone, and with my experience with Dji customer...
  8. Mike0909

    Quickest Way to Get Your Crashed Drone Handled by DJI Support

    Orignial Post from Jhonson I see many people complaining about how their experience with DJI support was handled. In my experience, they have been more than reasonable and I believe most of these disgruntled complainers are looking for someone to blame due to their careless crashing of a drone...
  9. Mike0909

    Most Efficient Way to Contact DJI Customer Service

    Though Mavic 2 pro has more obstacle avoidance sensors, far better stability and longer flight time than any other DJI drones, it’s still not hard at all for one to crash it, especially for new pilots or those who don’t fly with brains. I crashed my mavic 2 pro last week. My M2p crashed at the...
  10. P

    DJI not so bad after all?

    We all like to bash DJI's service, usually with good reason. However, I recently had a positive experience. I crashed my Mavic Air into a tree. Other than broken propellers there was no visible damage on the drone or the battery. The battery remained in place. However, the battery no longer...
  11. G

    I am very disappointed with the answers I am getting from DJI

    Three weeks ago my Mavic crashed into a lake for no apparent reason, while in RTH mode and without hitting any trees or cables. It just fell like a rock from height of 50 meters. Seems like it just shutdown in midair. DJI support went over the flight log and all the files I extracted from the...