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Mavic 2 Pro swollen battery - DJI's misleading support

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Jan 3, 2020
Chattanooga, TN
I had a swollen Mavic 2 Pro battery purchased directly from DJI with only 46 charge-cycles on it.
I contacted DJI support and opened a ticket, and provided photos.
Given the number of people stating they have swollen battery issues, it seemed reasonable to request support from DJI.
I stated up front the age of the battery, provided the receipt, and that I was seeking a replacement.
Given their response (below), it appeared they were willing to do just that and sent a pre-paid UPS label to ship the battery.

Today, the battery arrived at DJI, and was promptly denied any resolution - sending me an purchase link for $149 to buy a new battery.
Reason? Out of warranty.
So now I'm out a battery (could be useful in emergencies).
Reputable brands resolve product defects - independent of warranties.
Why wouldn't support inform me that batteries were only under warranty for 6-months? I would never have sent it in.

Subject: Battery issue - replacement request
Message: Battery with serial number provided, and production date 2018.9 has swollen badly and no longer fits the drone. It has been charged only 46 times and always with the DJI charger. This seems to be premature failure of such an expensive battery.
I would like to request a replacement. Thank you.

I am sorry to hear about the issue you are having with your Mavic 2 Battery. Certainly not the kind of experience we would like you to have. Not to worry, I am here to help.
Please provide your complete shipping address (No PO Box Address) so I can start creating your case.
Looking forward to your reply.
Thank you for choosing DJI.


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Unfortunately with DJI, out of warranty, almost always out of luck. Yes, batteries are not warrantied as long as the birds themselves :-(

Their batteries are better these days, in the Phantom 2 generation I was lucky to get 20-25 charges before they puffed... Not defending them at all, mind you.
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