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Most Efficient Way to Contact DJI Customer Service


Jan 31, 2019
Though Mavic 2 pro has more obstacle avoidance sensors, far better stability and longer flight time than any other DJI drones, it’s still not hard at all for one to crash it, especially for new pilots or those who don’t fly with brains.

I crashed my mavic 2 pro last week. My M2p crashed at the University of Sydney, attacked by the most horrible bird in Australia, called the "magpie". This is undeniably the most bizarre crash scene I’ve ever been through and I was cursing the bird for hours afterwards.

When I was a new pilot, I also had my old Mavic pro crashed once.So there are probably thousands of ways to have your drones damaged, be it your own fault or other unexpected incidents.

After numerous crash scenes, I’ve summarized the following must-know tips when dealing with DJI customer service following a crash or other incidents. I hope these tips may help you!

· How to Contact DJI After Sales Team

Once you’ve retrieved your drone from its painful episode you may directly log into the DJI website, and head to DJI online repair page. If you still have doubts about your drone, then you’ll need to seek some Product Support from DJI customer service team. So how and when can you contact them? Here I’ll tell you how DJI customer service works and how you can draw their attention in the right time.

Email Recommend: ☆☆☆☆
[email protected] >

If your drone is severely damaged, and you’ll need to elaborate on the details, or you think this incident is not caused by pilot error. This will be the best option to start.
The dji email group seems to be a 24 hour support service. Generally, when you send them an email for the first time, they will respond like right away, but the follow-up emails will be much longer.

Online Support Recommend: ☆☆☆☆☆
Here dji support team provides live chat support. As far as I’m concerned, this is the most efficient way to get in touch with them. And on this channel, they handle almost all the product (some channels only provide with the service of certain products) and they respond within minutes.

Tel Recommend: ☆☆☆
This is probably the fastest and most efficient way to contact DJI Support, but what sucks is, they don’t seem to be native English Speakers. Sometimes they don’t understand what you are saying or omit some important points. If you are in bad luck, they’ll promise you that they’ll call back in 24-48 hrs, but it’ll probably take forever for them to get back to you. But most of the time, they'll solve your problem real quick.

Below is the list of their regional phone number in case you’ll need it:


Regional No. and Service Time​

DJI Forum Recommend: ☆☆☆☆
The best thing about DJI Forum is that there will be many experienced pilots to help you out. They’ll help you to analyze the incident, and sometimes they’ll answer your doubts faster than dji administrators. But there are like 7-8 administrators from DJI support team working 24 hrs on it. So rest assured that all of your doubts will be answered there.

Facebook Recommend: ☆☆☆
Dji after sales team also provide service on Facebook Messenger. I have to say, comparing to other tech companies, their response time is extremely quick. However, on this channel they can only answer questions of consumer drones. When it comes to proline products, they’ll just direct you to other channels, so it’ll somehow waste your time.
And most importantly, their work time is:

PST 15:00- 8:00.
United States:18:00 - 11:00
Australia:10:00- 3:00
United Kingdom:23:00- 14:00
So don't forget to contact them in the right time.

Youtube Recommend: ☆☆☆
Yes, they’ll solve your problems on Youtube also. Even if you don't leave a message under their official videos, they may search for some key questions and help clear your doubts.

· Choose The Right Way For Repair

Actually, Dji customer service also provides you diversified options for the repair service. Here are the details for each option and corresponding tips.

1. Send in for Repair

If your drone was partly damaged or totally crashed, and there is no repair point near you, then you usually need to send it back to DJI for repair. They have warehouses and maintenance points in various locations around the world. Usually after you have applied to send your drone in, you'll receive a shipping label authorized by dji through email, then all you have to do is to mail your broken drone (usually dji will pay for the entire shipping fee).

The whole procedure is:
1) Request Service: Describe the product's issue and provide your information. A service case will be generated automatically for you.
2) Send Your Product: You will receive details for shipping the product to us based on your region.
3) Assessment and Repair: The DJI After Sales team will assess your product and send you a quotation. The repair process for your product will begin after you've made the payment.
4) Receive Your Product: The DJI Service Center will send the repaired or replacement product to your address.
If you have purchased DJI Care Refresh, and DJI care refresh express is available in your region, then the damage assessment and quotation are not required.


There are a few things to BE AWARE OF during your repair process, and you may be able to avoid some troubles after reading these tips:

Double check your RECEIVING ADDRESS. When dji sends your drone back, if the address is incorrect, you need to contact their customer service team to change the address, but this will be very troublesome according to my experience.
Do not mail back your battery. If it’s a warranty case, and your battery is broken, you don’t have to mail your battery back, unless you think is malfunctioning. Just take a photo, show it to DJI support stuff and they’ll mail you a new one.Because DJI WON'T REPAIR THE BATTERIES.
Take out your SD card.
Estimate the arrival time of the courier. The maintenance department of DJI does not accept the units on weekends. If your drone arrives on Saturday, you will have to wait until Monday to start queuing for damage repair.
Fill in more details about the incident on the Request Page. The more details you provide, the less time Dji after sales team will spend on data analysis.

Provide a video of the incident. On the dji official repair submission page, there will be an option to "provide a video of your product’s accident ", which will help the DJI Support folks solve your problem more quickly. Therefore, it is better to keep the habit of recording when hovering in the air, because you do not know what will happen at any time.


Don’t vent your frustrations with the customer service guy. You are requiring to repair the machine, not to vent your angers.

2. Find A Repair Service Center
DJI has authorized services centers in over 100 countries, you can pick the service center closest to you. If you find a repair center nearby and you don't want to mail it to a remote DJI warehouse, the nearest repair center would be a good choice. You can choose whether or not the damage is a manufacturing defect or pilot error, remove the microSD card, pack up the drone, and send it to the DJI Service suggested to you. Once the technicians get a hold of your drone though, they email you a detailed record of what an idiot you've been and the exact events of the accident.You can also check the price of the accessories on DJI official website. This article may have more details about DJI Repair Service Center.

3. Book For Quick Service at Flagship Store
DJI has five flagship stores around the world. In most of the regions, you can only make reservations for fast repair and quick change services in Hong Kong flagship stores. If it is convenient for your to go to flagship store, the quick repair service is the best choice, because they’ll mostly replace your drone instead of fixing it. That is to say, you’ll have a great chance to have a new drone. What’s more, they’ll usually give you an extra 3 months of warranty. You may find more details through this article.

If you want to know what to do under different scenarios, check this video
Original post from Jonathan C. N
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Welcome to the forum mike0909.
I read your post and see you live in sydney

I'm going to cut to the the chase
Mike your post has a lot of useful information ...

Here in the states we got it covered.!
And it works really well for us when we
"Ball it up" .....or as the pilot's say when you "Auger in"
Crash your drone

We send our mess to "Thunderdrone" aka Rob
He'll look it over
shoot you straight
He'll know what happen ..

be it pilot error or defective bird......
Great price .Good service usually
Quick turn around time
(turnaround for my last repair) from Seattle to Georgia and back 11 Days
Error =
(broken #2 compass )
Warranty or not
I'm going to say
You would be hard pressed to find better service Even at the "manufacturer "
Hands down with more than 8500 "likes"
"Thundrdrone" is top notch
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