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Jul 7, 2018
We all like to bash DJI's service, usually with good reason. However, I recently had a positive experience.

I crashed my Mavic Air into a tree. Other than broken propellers there was no visible damage on the drone or the battery. The battery remained in place. However, the battery no longer functioned, would not take a charge. I called DJI and when they asked me if I had crashed I readily admitted it. (They probably have ways to tell if you're lying). I sent the battery in and within about 10 days I had a brand new one. They probably could have wiggled out of having to replace it if they wanted to but they did the right thing and I thank them for this.
I suspect this is the typical experience - a tiny fraction of people take the time to post about a good experience, but nearly everyone will make time to post about a bad one. That goes with anything, not just DJI. Glad you got sorted out :)
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They seem to be kind of hit or miss. It took them a month to ship me a replacement remote for my P4 under warranty. They just kept telling me it was scheduled to go out. I eventually had one of the DJI forum admins prod support and it was shipped the next day. Not the worst customer service experience I've had, but I still don't know why it took a month and prodding to slap a shipping label on a box and send it out.

However, I have contacted support for other issues not involving replacement or repair and that has been efficient and helpful.
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