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My First Experience with DJI Customer Service Turns Out to Be Great


Mar 15, 2019
My recent experience with my Mavic 2 pro almost made me traumatized. But, thanks to the Dji customer service who came right on time to save the situation, I was quickly at ease. This was actually the first time I’d had to deal with a malfunctioning drone, and with my experience with Dji customer support service team, as well as lots of reviews I’ve read about them online, without mincing words, I can regard them as the best.

A few moments before my last flight, the dji go 4 app notified me on my need to upgrade firmware from V01.00.0200 to V01.00.0300. So I upgraded the firmware to the latest version to ensure that my M2P has all the latest features. But unfortunately, my action of upgrading the firmware marked as the starting point of issues for me!

The gimbal literally stopped functioning after the successful update. Also, In DJI go 4 app, I couldn't find any icon or menu for gimbal anymore. It looked like gimbal wasn't existing any longer. I actually got scared at the situation. In a bid to solve the problem, I tried downgrading to the version I was using earlier, but still it wasn't working. I then downgraded to the basic version V01.00.0100, thinking it would help situation, but still, no difference.

I made a short video of what gimbal looked like when powered on, wherein you'd see that it doesn't align the camera to a horizontal position.

Following this, I contacted dji customer service via Facebook messenger. Unlike others, they responded to my request almost immediately (within 5 seconds maybe?) which was surprising. A guy named Lars from DJI Support took me through a few troubleshooting processes and I could tell that he was really trying to help me with the issue. He claimed it’s 99% likely that something went wrong with the unit and advised me to send it back for further analysis. In the end, he guided me to create a repair case through the DJI online repair website.

<Instant Response from Dji facebook team>


I also sent an email to DJI Support via in other to ensure rapid response to my case as soon as they get it.

In the mail, I briefed them about the web I was caught in, and also told them about my conversation with Lars on Facebook. Via the email, I also told them that I just bought this unit a few days ago.

Almost instantly, they created a replacement case for me, with the condition attached, and they asked me if there was any active DJI care refresh plan with my Mavic 2. They stated that if the issues is a non-pilot’s fault, then I would be getting a replacement. If it’s a pilot’s fault, it would fall into a repair case (but I still got covered by the DJI Care Refresh). I was a little perturbed at that moment, as I was quite sure that it wasn’t a pilot’s fault, I didn’t crash it or anything. I could only hope that Dji can actually see what the problem was.


Immediately after their email, I did everything I was advised to do:

• Printed the shipping label DJI authorized to me
• Prepared a copy of the proof of purchase
• Prepared the RMA form in the package.
• Called the UPS to make an appointment for the pickup.

Then I waited for their response. So far, the progress was proving good. I believed I would only hear from their customer service after they received my package. But no, instead they kept updating me on the package status.


Dji customer service received my product on 03/14, and in just 2 days, my replacement was shipped! It turned out to be a replacement case, they gave me a new one(I emphasized like 10 times I don’t want a refurbished one as it wasn’t my fault). Though it’s probably a bit of hassle while mailing the unit back, I’m still impressed by their fast respond and workflow.


Within 7 days, a new Mavic 2 pro got delivered to me!! It’s all good so far, I can tell that the unit is brand new, and works quite well. I'm not sure what others think about Dji customer service, but my experience with them so far is beyond my expectation.
The problem after upgrade also happened to me. I downgraded to previous version, reset all settings in Dji Go 4 app. That did the trick to me. But it’s good that dji gave you a new one.;)
The problem after upgrade also happened to me. I downgraded to previous version, reset all settings in Dji Go 4 app. That did the trick to me. But it’s good that dji gave you a new one.;)
I had also downgraded to the previous version, but no luck for me.
Refreshing to hear some positive stories about dji customer service. I also contacted them once about some problem, very responsive and professional service.
I had the same problem with my M2P, so I immediately contacted dji support via Facebook chat. Since I spent a lot of money for this drone, I was panicking when the gimbal stopped working. But thanks to their quick replies and professional support I calmed down pretty fast. At the end, I got my new drone within 2 weeks after I shipped to them.

In a nutshell, my experience with dji costumer service was great and I really felt that they tried their best to help me.
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