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  1. D

    3 2160p video of Moon at 28x in high winds using a DJI Mavic 3.

    Mild Drift of camera occurs at 28x in high wind conditions, but not significant, considering the drone's zoom settings and wind speeds which were not recorded, but significant. OOPS, I posted a video similar to this, but this one is the full moon in high winds. Sort of unstable with...
  2. R

    Flyaway and argument over setting home point at "launch"

    I recently wanted to take some footage of my team doing a charity event by swimming the english channel. On a very slow moving, stable boat. I got my DJI Air out and it said the compass needed calibration and it was not allowed to fly. It told me to re calibrate the compass which I followed the...
  3. S


    Not sure if this has been covered, but I’ve taken a few night shots/long exposures before, and had no issues. Flying yesterday evening around 10pm, with all the sensors on, full GPS mode, there was minimal wind and I was only flying 30m up, but the M2P would NOT stay still. Even on a 4second...
  4. Y

    False drift reading

    When my mavic air is sitting on the ground, as soon as it connects to gps, the go4 app says it is moving even when it is sittung on the floor. I have recalibrated imu and compass but it still does it. I did a test fly yesterday and it flies fine. Hovers on spot very well. It only seems to do it...
  5. W

    Compass error after yawing 360deg

    Hello everyone, I bought Mavic Pro a week ago and didn't have a single successful flight yet. I keep getting "Compass Error. Exit P-GPS mode..." error. Both compasses are working and are calibrated in an open field. (tested by putting metal thing to compasses - both react as they should). I...
  6. D

    Gimbal Drift AND Panorama Failures (Android/Google Pixel 2)

    Hey fam, looking for some help. I have done the IMU, Compass, and Gimbal calibrations in different orders a multitude of times indoors and out and I still have massive gimbal horizon drift. It's off by 5+ deg to either side throughout flight. Horizon tilts when I have any yaw input, or it just...
  7. J

    Controller Calibration Doesn't Fix False Input on Left Stick

    Hi Guys, For as long as I've had my Mavic I've had an issue where it would slowly yaw right when flying. I have just recently realized that it is probably the controller. When I go to calibrate controller, it always shows a 7 to 8% offset to the right which controls my yaw. I can do any...
  8. Haloweenhamster

    Camera drift

    Took my mavic for a test flight today whilst at work post fw loading Whilst ascending I thought the wind was blowing it backwards as the shot was moving until I saw the bottom of the mavic Moved the camera up an and it carried on moving when I stopped, 20s later started drifting down again
  9. N

    Happy camper with one irritating issue with Mavic

    Hi everyone. Had my Mavic for just over a week now, and haven't had a real chance to get to know it due to bad weather. Got a couple of hours today and didn't hesitate to get my Mavic out. The footage is great, have already put three videos out on Youtube. All in all the Mavic performs great...
  10. A

    Atti Mode Drift Crash

    Have posted files here in hope to understand, more granularly, what happened to me. After thirty flights from this same location and manual take-offs, the A/C dropped out of Opti GPS into Atti Mode and rapidly move away in a no wind situation. Estimate that it was all over in about 12 seconds...