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drone footage

  1. CanyonRunVideos

    "Downtown Phoenix Panning Left" Footage taken with the DJI Mavic 2 Pro H.265 4K

    Downtown Phoenix Panning Left was taken with the DJI Mavic 2 Pro showing the reflections of the setting sun against the downtown skyline. This shooting location was absolutely the closest that I could legally fly and of course I had FAA approval for this flight.
  2. Seabas82


    Hello ALL, Here is some Osmo Mobile + Mavic Pro footage of San Diego on my latest trip. Hope you enjoy and leave comments
  3. TheIndianEmirati

    Amazing Iceland Mavic Footage

    A short drone video capturing the immense breathtaking beauty of Amazing Iceland
  4. M

    EPIC Year Best 2017 Drone Footage

    2017 has been a fantastic year for all the drone enthusiast and film makers, with so many fantastic drones released, everyone pretty much jumped on the owning a drone band wagon. I was one of them who have settled with DJI Mavic Pro, having owned a Phantom 3 Advanced then Phantom 4 and it has...
  5. Seabas82

    DJI Mavic Pro - Miami Memorial Day wknd

    Afternoon Flight with the Mavic to showcase the Matheson Hammock Marina and Boat Ramp. Boats in and out non stop on this Sunday with clear skies and perfect FL Weather. Winds light and Variable at 8-10 mph from the ENE. Used the PolarPro Vivid Series Cinema collection ND8PL (could have used the...
  6. mikey201


  7. Lexzoom

    Easter Sunday on Ben Damph in the Scottish Highlands

  8. MikeC

    Alaska Railroad Train Footage

    Been compiling a lot of train footage, here is the best of:
  9. BlazeAir

    Mavic Flight Over Frozen "Pirates Cove" Mini Golf

    It was actually decent weather the other day up here in Minnesota (40 degrees on a February day) so I went out searching for a cool palce to fly my Mavic. What did I find?? Pirates Cove Adventure Golf!!! I love going to this place in the summer, so I thought "why not fly over it in the winter?"...
  10. BlazeAir

    Mavic Flight in Foggy Minneapolis!

    40 degrees on a February morning in Minneapolis? Time to take the Mavic for a walk, but man was it foggy! I thought it actually made for some cool footage. Here is the vid: Mavic In Foggy Minneapolis Always great to hear comments and suggestions! Thanks
  11. BlazeAir

    Hello from Minneapolis

    Hi, I finally received my Mavic and the mail and couldn't be more thrilled! It is everything as advertised, AND MORE! I have been so impressed with this drone and all of its features! Here is my maiden flight over Gold Medal Park in Minneapolis, Minnesota: Mavic Meets Gold Medal Park Also, I...
  12. MikeC

    Alaskan Fog at -20F

    Flew at -20F to capture what commuting in the cold can be like.