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  1. S

    Dubai Mavic Pilot

    Hey everyone! Just got my mavic air in Dubai - UAE. Any experiences in good places to start with my drone here in Dubai? Thanks
  2. R

    Looking for a pilot in the UAE

    Hey guys, Hope you are all ok I'm looking for a pilot to take some aerial shots for me in Al-Ain for a documentary film Thanks
  3. P

    How To Take Mavic Air From Dubai Airport?

    Hi! I got replacement from from DJI. A new Mavic Air. On my request, DJI sent it from Hong Kong to Dubai, from where a friend will get it to India. I have heard that the authorities at Dubai airports are strict about drones. Have heard two instance where a friend was carrying a drone unpacked...
  4. Dan_L_E

    Dubai & UAE

    Hey guys, Seems as though they have banned all drones which have cameras in the UAE for personal use. Has this happened anywhere else? So frustrating as the DJI salesman in the store said it's ok to fly bla bla bla, just do a course, but now seems there are heavy fines in place if you're caught...
  5. F

    My first Mavic flight in Dubai in 4K

    This was my first flight ever using drone but I did really good homework from YouTube before buying, please let me know your points that I can improve;
  6. Y

    Hello from Dubai

    Hi everyone. Looking for tips and fellow pilots to discover good locations to shoot.