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editing and video

  1. C

    4k Videos Won't Import Directly into FCPX

    Hey Guys, I'm a pretty new Mavic 2 Pro owner, and I have a bit of an issue: my 4k, 24fps videos (and higher) won't import directly into FCPX. I've tried different settings, .mov vs .mp4 and everything else I can think of. I'm having doubts now that I'm thinkning about it, but I'm pretty sure...
  2. crazy_tall

    Recommendations: Image / Video editing software...

    Hi, I'm looking for recommendations for good image & video editing software. Are there any which do both well which people can recommend? Seems to be so much choice but just not sure... looked into Lightroom / Final Cut Pro etc. Thanks in advance
  3. G

    Video techniques

    Im new to video editing and have just downloaded DaVinci Resolve 15, going through training videos and the manual. My question is do most people shoot multiple short videos and edit and position them on the time line or shoot one continues video and then clip and edit?
  4. Paddepanik

    Clip length/Video length

    Hello, Ive only just gotten into editing my material, and i'm not sure on how long clips and videos should be. I usually try and keep my video clips when shooting around 30s so that it's easier to handle in post processing. What is ur personal preferences in: videolength Cliplength Number of...
  5. Digitaldias

    No middle mouse button - how to move zoomed view in Resolve?

    Hi all. New pilot, and new to Resolve too, as it came recommended on this forum, I downloaded my free copy, and now I'm throwing all my investment in Sony Movie studio (VEGAS) into the bin. Resolve is just THAT much better! Anyways, since I'm still on holidays, I'm on my laptop, where I have...
  6. M

    How can I load DJI GO Editor music library to my PC?

    Hi all - I don't use the editor in the DJI Go app but thought it might be useful to use the music library from within the video editing suite on my PC. Tried Shazaming a few tracks but it didn't recognise them, The only route to the library seems to be thro the GO app - unless anyone knows...